Krav Maga Seminar at Ronin Martial Arts

On Saturday, Feb. 21st we brought in Krav Maga instructor Moshe Katz from Israel to share some authentic Krav Maga with us. Moshe is Itay Gil's (star of the History Channel's Human Weapon Krav Maga episode) highest ranking student. Moshe stayed with me at my condo for a few days. Living in Israel just outside of Jerusalem Moshe shared stories of a vastly different cultural and life perspective than I hold. He has a gentle heart and was a true gentleman to me and all who he came in contact with here in Grand Rapids.
Students at Ronin Martial Arts Academy as well as over 50 others from all over Michigan thoroughly enjoyed Moshe's seminar. Much to my surprise and pleasure we sold out in a little over one week.
At the seminar we learned numerous defenses dealing with everything from knife, gun and empty hand threats to 3rd party and airline situations. Moshe also shared with us the philosophy, history and roots of Krav Maga in Israel.
I had the honor to train one on one, hang out, play guitar together with Moshe (Moshe you do rock! I especially liked our "All Along the Watchtower" rendition!). It seemed that we talked about everything under the sun (probably because I am always asking questions). He was a pleasure to have as a guest, so much so when the chance came to have him back March 19th I jumped at the chance. Apparently others here share my sentiment because after only one day marketing for the seminar we have over 18 spots pre-paid for the seminar. I anticipate that we will have well over 20 spots full by the end of this weekend.
I like Krav because of its simplicity, effectiveness and modern adaptation. It is used here and now, not somewhere, sometime. It is practical and very functional. It is about simplicity.
I am happy that people here have embraced Krav Maga and hope that it empowers & enriches each persons life who trains in it.
I am proud to be an Israeli Krav International Certified Instructor and will continue to bring Moshe in to share deeper Krav Maga insights with us.
(In the words of Jack...)
Keep going!


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