A Good Night for a Walk

It has been a beautiful day today and the night proved to be equally wonderful. 56 degrees, clear, starry night. A little earlier a close buddy of mine came over and we decided to go for a walk. We talked about life's beauty, challenges, hopes, dreams, paradox, you know the things two people talk about when they are "mowing the lawn" mentally. It was a good night and great philosophical conversation. We had been walking a hour and a half or so and were about a half mile from my condo (I live downtown in a mid sized city where the "landscape" changes rather quickly if you know what I mean!) when I say "hey, lets cross the street." It just felt like the right thing to do. So we crossed. We take no more than a couple steps onto the sidewalk on the other side of the street and these four rather drunk "gentlemen" turn the corner on the side of the street we just came from. They were loud obnoxious and clearly looking for trouble. But since we were on the other side of the street we were of little interest to them. Now, I don't know why exactly I felt like crossing the street, it just happened very naturally... but I did cross which resulted in a possible situation being resolved before it ever became one! My buddy and I looked at each other smiled and with a slight nod continued our conversation.

It was a good night for a walk...



  1. Craig,

    Glad to here it worked out well, yesterday was absolutely gorgeous almost a crime not to go out and enjoy it!

    That intuition sure seemed to pay off, good to hear you and your friend stayed in condition yellow (to take from Dave Grossman's color scale) and not wandered off into a dangerous state of not being aware of your surroundings as would be easy on such a beautiful day.



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