Friday, March 28, 2014

Three Fundamentals to Better Tactical Protection

I am always looking for ways to simplify things for people especially when teaching protection skills. If I only have a couple minutes with someone and I need to share what the three most fundamental elements to empowerment and better tactical protection are here's what I tell them:

ATTITUDE: (Don't Be a Part of the Problem)

A) Respect Life.
B) Don't Act Like a Victim.
C) Never Give Up! (Keep Going)

AWARENESS: (Be Here / Now)

Be Aware of:

A) Yourself
B) Others
C) Environment/Situation

ABILITY TO ACT: (Have a Plan)

When You Can:

A) Walk your way out of it.
B) Talk your way out of it.
C) Do Something Else (If all else fails).

As always... Keep Going!

All the best,

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