Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery (Pt. 2) The Conclusion!

I know you all have been on the edge of your seats thinking about what happened regarding my last post Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery! (Riiiiight) Regardless, I do have a conclusion to my story:

After I wrote the company who had pirated my logo and tagline, I didn't really expect a reply, however, I did actually receive a response from the owner! Here's what he said:

Hi Craig,

Thanks for this, let me look into it.

When this project started, we commissioned all designs externally, for which we have a disclaimer document... Irrespective, I apologize.

At the same time, with this being a personal project, I no longer have the time to dedicate to this so if you know anyone that wants to buy this ready-to-use online t shirt store focused on combat and martial arts let me know.


My response:

Thank you for your response. I appreciate you getting back with me regarding this situation. I understand that your designers randomly choose things to reproduce, but if you could discontinue the use of both my logo and the Live - Protect - Inspire tag line I would appreciate it.

I'll keep my ears open regarding anyone who might be interested in your (side) t-shirt company and have them contact you.

~Craig Gray
Ronin Krav Maga

His response to me 

I have actually instructed the agency to take the site down. Its been a while, let me check...


I'll be honest: I was surprised to hear from him at all and although he seemed nice enough, I was still somewhat skeptical whether or not he would actually take the site down, but after checking the site a few days later he did do what he said he would! Amazing!

So friends and followers, the lesson here is this: I know that this type of story doesn't always have this happy of an ending, but it DID this time. The point is that the situation may not have had as good of an ending if I would have been rude, unprofessional and emotional. Losing my baseline and becoming part of the problem would have wasted time, energy and money (if I would have chosen to get my attorney involved immediately). By not over reacting and choosing to manage the conflict by first managing myself was the first step. To build a foundation of positive conflict resolution it is more beneficial attempting to create an ally rather than an enemy. Making sure you have a plan if the person doesn't respect your request will help to give you focus, flexibility and confidence when dealing with the situation. It also helps you to not get into a power struggle over the details, rather let go of trying to control the other person and simply give them options. Finally, have a plan if your (hopefully reasonable) boundaries are not respected. These simple yet not so easy guidelines can help us navigate situations like this more respectfully and gracefully for everyone.

It's all training!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

Keep going!



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    1. Thanks "Shailah Jade" I appreciate it! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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