Clarity, Confidence & Consequence


...That You Matter: Because when we feel that we don't matter, or that something, someone or some group matters more than us, we often think, say & do things that are out of balance, unhealthy, disrespectful and violent.

...That EVERYONE Else Matters just as much as you: Because when we think we matter more than others, we often think, say & do things that are out of balance, unhealthy, disrespectful and violent.

...The YOU part is NOT your actions, beliefs or values. The YOU we're talking about is your LIFE VALUE - Everyone's Life has value and that value is Separate from their Relative Beliefs, Values & Actions.


...That there is NOTHING you or ANYONE ELSE can do to take away your value, so there is no need to worry about it, argue over it, try to manipulate, intimidate or hurt others to get it, because you already have it. No one can take it away from you! If you resort to arguing, manipulating, intimidating, hurting others to feel as if your life has value, then you need more clarity and confidence.

...In your skills because in order to walk in peace and not be a victim nor bully, the more skillful you are, the smoother you can navigate the challenges you'll face... and there will be many challenges.

...That you can't MAKE others do what you want, you can only provide OPTIONS and have a PLAN if things don't go the way you want. Oh, I should mention that the more you stick to the idea of Most Good / Least Harm for EVERYONE, the easier it will be to both stay on track and persuade people to do as you ask. 

...True Confidence is quiet, gentle, fair and giving because it knows that it doesn't have anything to prove and can do what is necessary when needed.


...because everything in life has Consequences. Simply said, have a plan on what YOU'RE going to do if things don't go the way you were anticipating, rather than getting into a power struggle with someone trying to make THEM do what you want.

...Focus on the Solutions, the Big Picture, What You CAN Do, and What the Next Step is that will get you closer to that "bigger picture" rather than fixating, holding on to, or agonizing over the way YOU think things "ought to be," rather than how they are. The more you attatch to "ought to be" the less tactical you will be and the more suffering you will cause. 

Keep going!



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