RGI Mentoring Training: A Life Changing Experience

I recently had a very powerful experience at our latest RGI training out in New Jersey. We kicked off a new program with one of the police departments out there and it was pretty incredible! Gary Klugiewicz of Verbal Defense & Influence wrote a great article about it. So, I thought I'd share it here. The link at the bottom of the blurb that I posted will take you to his Vistelar website where you can read the entire article.  



This is Gary Klugiewicz. Recently, I assisted Jack Hoban, the president of Resolution Group International, in teaching the first ever RGI Conflict Resolution Mentoring Course for members of the Camden County, NJ Police Department. RGI is conducting a yearlong training experiment for this agency that is designed to enhance the professional and tactical skills of their officers. While the basic RGI Conflict Management Program is designed to teach ethical decision making skills along with the verbal and physical skills necessary for a modern police officer, the mentoring class focuses on sustainment of these skills within the department.

Here is the group photo taken after the beach workout.


The class was a taught by Jack Hoban, and his core RGI Instructors that include Joseph Shusko, Brian Pensak, Craig Gray, and Artie Mark.

Twenty mentors were chosen from the ranks of the Camden County PD. These men and women represented a wide range of experience, ethnic backgrounds, and departmental rank. They were an amazing group of people who were highly motivated, passionate about their mission, and ready to sustain the basic three day RGI Conflict Resolution Program that will be taught to the entire department. This mentoring class provide by the RGI training staff gave these officer the mentoring skills to assist their fellow officers process, internalize, and sustain the lesson taught in the basic RGI Conflict Resolution Course.

The reason that I titled this blog entry RGI Mentoring Training: A Life Changing Experience is because of the change it has made to the participants who shared their life stories in the Tie Ins, the ethical stories that accompany all RGI Training...

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