Sometimes I Struggle


Yesterday was a good day! I taught a PeaceWalker seminar at the West Michigan Science Academy Charter School to about 30 teachers preparing for their upcoming school year. We talked about important life changing things regarding protecting and inspiring our future generations! Then I went home and took a quick 20 minute nap, changed my clothes, worked out and taught three Krav Maga classes. I got home about 10:30pm, jotted down a few ideas that came to me during the evening, read, put on some Rush and went to sleep.

This morning I woke up, ran 4 miles; jumped on the scale to see I achieved one of my weight goals. Then I went on to answer a handful of emails and phone calls regarding classes and seminars; I had lunch with a friend and then started planning my next move regarding future projects. All in all a great day and life! I am fortunate to do what I love for a career!

However, somedays I struggle...

I struggle to be thankful for what I have, rather than what I don't.
Sometimes I struggle to appreciate the wonderful people in my life.
Sometimes I struggle to get out of bed.
Sometimes I struggle to see opportunities that are right before me.
Sometimes I struggle to have patience.
Sometimes I struggle to exercise the power inside of me.
Sometimes I struggle w/everyday things everyday people do everyday!
Sometimes I struggle with what I have done.
Sometimes I struggle with the things I have not done.
Sometimes I struggle to see that I'm not in stormy waters.
Sometimes I struggle to not cause the storm.
Sometimes I struggle to see the bigger picture.
Sometimes I struggle to see the tactical space.
Sometimes I struggle to be myself.
Sometimes I struggle to not struggle.

But not today!

Keep going!

All the best,


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