In Search of the Heroic

Thanks to a snow storm in Chicago that turned my 4 hour flight into a 26 hour airport marathon, I'm a bit disoriented from my journey home from New Jersey. We've ( been working with the Camden County Police Department since April of this year and this last crew was the largest group to go through the course yet. A bunch of tough hard charging young officers and a handful of veteran cops as well. It was great seeing all of the Camden mentors again. You all did a fantastic job helping out! We couldn't have done it without you folks.

I always get  back from these training's a little wiped out emotionally and physically, but so inspired! Reconnecting with my RGI compadres', working side by side w/the new Camden mentors and of course training the officers going through the course is an honor, a way for me to not only give back, but to learn as well. An all around fulfilling experience that helps me to reactivate, sustain and Keep Going!

Working with these officers reminded me of a passage in James Owens book Cowboy Ethics.


If ever we have needed heroes, we need them now. I'm not talking about comic-book warriors with superhuman powers, or the magazine-cover denizens who flaunt their celebrity and wealth, we've got a surfeit of those. What's in short supply are authentic, real-life heroes who remind us of our potential to be heroic ourselves.

We may be living a so-called ordinary life. Yet even as we move through the rhythms of our daily tasks, we still hope we can find that reservoir of courage, determination, and nobility we really need when life puts us to the test. We want to know, when all is said and done, that we are not ordinary at all.

This is why we need heroes, not to show us what it's like to triumph, but to help us transcend our fears and find heart for the struggles we inevitably encounter in life. Through the ages, every culture has had of legend and history. In stories of hardships endured, challenges overcome, and great deeds accomplished, these role models show us a way of being that we can aspire to. They help us believe that we, too, can rise above the obstacles we face, no matter how daunting. They inspire us.

From James P. Owen's book Cowboy Ethics


What a great passage! This simple yet profound insight articulates my feelings pretty well. This is why I do what I do and how I am inspired by others. I met and worked with some heroes this past week. Ordinary people doing the right thing during extraordinary circumstances. These people are the quintessence of the Ethical Protector or PeaceWalker.  This is what motivates me to continue to train, teach and keep going. 

I have never really been into cowboys or the westerns, but if you haven't read Cowboy Ethics by James Owen, I would recommend that you do. It's not a long book, however it is profound in its uncomplicated simplicity. Not to mention it has many beautiful pictures as well.

Keep going!

All the best,


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