Well, I'm back in Japan! I just came off from a week and a half RGI stint in New Jersey that, due to bad weather in Chicago resulted in an airport stay-over, turning my 4 hour flight into a 26 1/2 hour airport extravaganza. Fast forward to Friday, (5 Days Later) and I'm wheels up for Japan. It's no wonder that I'm going at things a bit raw to begin with regarding travel. Not that I'm bitching mind you (well, ok you caught me, I am whining a bit... sorry.).

I'm am so fortunate to be able to do what I do! I just am looking forward to the time where we can be beamed places instantaneously, rather than spending hours or in some cases days getting to our destination! I can just hear the voices of days long ago screaming in harmony, "Cry me a river you big baby! Do you even have a clue what we went through to travel to places? Try being on a crappy, disease ridden, cramped, leaky boat for 6 months w/no guarantee that you were even going to survive the journey to your destination! ...and you're complaining about traveling half way around the world in hours not months in a comfortable cabin with cushioned seat, meals, adult beverages and a book!? Really?! Are you friggin' kidding me?! No symphony here mate!"

Yeah... I get it, life's good!

Anyway, transit here was a bit long, but I'm good to go. I hooked up w/some Buyu friends, we're grabbing breakfast in a few hours, then it's off to the Hombu to train.

More later.



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