Peace Love & Krav Maga

Yesterday a group of individuals came together to share adversity and a higher purpose. Each of us was challenged in our own individual way throughout the three month testing cycle. This gauntlet is the forging process developed to build clarity, confidence and resiliency not only in the testing candidates but everyone who is a part of the process.

There is no replacing the experience of the journey. No amount of observation, thought, or word will take the place of doing. The forging process is something that can only be experienced directly. However, our journey here is not taken alone, it is shared by everyone at the Academy. We come together to train in an art of war in order to embrace peace. We are Protectors. PeaceWalkers.

Josh Brockway
Mike Smith
Ryan Ruffini

The day of the test was 5 1/2 exhausting, yet exhilarating hours. I can't speak for everyone, however I would dare to wager that no one came out of the experience unchanged in some way. 

A couple of times during the day I took a breath, looked around and couldn't help but feel a deep sense of gratitude toward what I was a part of. The energy in the room is difficult for me to explain: Challenging, yet supportive. Connected. Alive. A unique intersection of personal development, group connection and a bridge to something bigger than any one of us alone. We were joined as protectors to challenge ourselves for the sake of a higher purpose... Peace. Within ourselves and others. 

It was a peak experience.

I should have known it was going to be a profound day from the start, when a man named Chad, someone who I never met before, bought me a couple cups of my favorite coffee. It was a chance encounter with someone who wanted to be generous and possibly bridge a perceived larger gap between two people, possibly two groups of people. More on that later... For now it's enough that my day began on a good note and continued to ascend to a crescendo that I am still basking in. 

It's all about the...


Thank you to everyone who is a part of this journey. I am honored and humbled by those who came before me, those who walk beside me, and those who will carry on after me on this path.

Keep going,



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