Relationship Vampires

Relationship Assessment Questions:

1) Do I feel better or worse when I'm around, talk to or think about this person?

2) Does this person usually have a positive or negative mindset and attitude?

3) Is this person taking responsibility for their life or always making excuses about being the victim of circumstance?

4) Do they support my efforts and excited about my success or do they complain about their own life when I achieve something or try to make me feel bad about myself or them?

If a person is being a relationship Vampire (RV) than cut them loose and free yourself from their anchor of despair! Life is too short to keep spending time with people who are emotionally sucking you dry.

I know how difficult this can be. Don't make it personal. It's not you, it's ME! Really, sometimes the chemistry just doesn't work. It could happen in your personal, professional or public life. Sometimes it's better just to cut ties and move on.

That is all! Carry on...



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