Evolution of a Protector

Here are the elements of the Evolution of a Protector… 

The process to becoming a PeaceWalker…

IDENTITY – Clarity in (1) Who will you choose to be? (2) What will you choose to see in others (separating their Life Value from Behavior & Beliefs)

ATTITUDE – (1) Seeing Conflict as an Opportunity. (2) Focusing on the right things. (3) Setting The Pace.

AWARENESS – (1) Yourself, (2) The Potential Threat (3) Situational Environment.

INFLUENCE – Your presence, Your verbal communication skills - What you say (and don’t), Your Behavior - What you Do (and don’t).

PHYSICAL ACTION – How to Engage or Disengage.

*You’ll notice that Krav Maga mainly touches on one of those categories… Physical Action, which Ironically is the last category! Yes, an important one, but it's only ONE!

Clarity and continued work on your Identity is essential!


Because it doesn't matter how much skill you have if you don't have clarity in your PROTECTOR IDENTITY, you are likely to use your skills in the wrong way.

Remember that your Ethic creates your Strategy that drive your Tactics & Techniques! So, if you're Ethics aren't clear or pointing toward Most Good / Least Harm, it will detrimentally affect the rest of your plans and actions!

I could go on about each of those sections... and I do discuss them more in my upcoming Video Series "The Evolution of a Protector."

More later...

Keep going,

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