How to Be More Convincing

What if you could convince yourself that the smallest change in how you train, treat people or say something can make a huge difference in increasing your success influencing a situation? How would that positively affect your life and job?

Well, here's a quick Communication Tip that I picked up a long time ago from Zig Ziglar (way back in my sales days). It can help you influence someone to listen to an idea you have.

...AND actually sell themselves on the idea!!

Here's how it goes...

Instead of saying, "If I can convince you that..." say, "If you could convince yourself that ..." Then continue emphasizing the benefits of what you are having them consider.

Here's an example:

Not this: "Jerry, if I can convince you that learning how to influence people through inspiration rather than intimidation is so much more effective, would you listen to what I had to say?"

THIS! "Jerry, if you could convince yourself that influencing people through inspiration rather than intimidation is so much more effective in getting what you wanted, what would that look like?"

Yes, some people will look at you w/a slack jaw and say,

"I don't know." 

Or they might come back at you w/a sarcastic comment like,

"It wouldn't look like anything, because I ain't convincing myself of na'thin from the likes of you."

You're right, no trick or technique work's on everybody all of the time, but it is another powerful tool that often works to your benefit when attempting to influence someone.

This one flips things around psychologically in their head and takes the focus off from you trying to convince them and subtly invites then to figure out ways of convincing themselves.

So What Do You Do If It Doesn't Work!?

Great question!

That's why maintaining a good Baseline and having other tools in your toolbox is so important!

That's exactly why I developed to give you the resources to protect yourself (and others) Verbally, Physically & Emotionally.

Feeling safe and confident when dealing w/difficult & dangerous people will give you the room to do your job, run your business, teach your class, complete your mission, or do whatever else you are aiming to accomplish at your job or in your Life!

...All while living a safer, healthier, happier Life!

Why do you have to worry about it!?


No matter who you are, or what you do, we all have to deal with people! And with people comes CONFLICT.

...And opportunities, but only if you know how to deal with things well!

So, the more you learn about how to stay cool under pressure, talk more persuasively, and knowing if it all goes to 'hell in a hand basket,' that you can protect yourself, the less you worry. The less you worry, the more you have the time and energy for everything else in your life!

And THAT'S what it's all about!

So, don't miss your opportunity to improve your Life & Career by Learning more about these skills and connecting with a community of people who are on the same page as you are!


By joining!

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In the meantime...

Keep Going,


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