New Years Revolutionists

Krav Ma-WOW Indeed!

Last week was OFF THE HOOK at our local Krav MagaAcademy!!

The pic above was from class... That's not a seminar mind you... it's a CLASS!

Holy Cow! The New Year typically brings an uptick of students, but I have to say that I wasn't expecting THAT!

Now I'm sure that things will simmer down a bit, but WOW!

So, Why All the Interest?

Is it all of the New Year Resolutionists?

Possibly... It's pretty common to see an upswing in my programs after the first of the year, but I think there's more to it...

Yes, many are interested in feeling SAFE, but I think theirs more to it than that yet...

From what I see is that people from all walks of life are looking to bring more CONFIDENCE, POWER & CLARITY into their lives...


Feel connected to Something Larger than themselves...

Many folks are looking for something MORE! More success, More fulfillment, More Life!

Protecting yourself is great... But believe it or not, it's NOT just about you. It's also about how you protect and contribute to the lives of others... Beginning w/those who you know & care about, then stretching outwardly to others...

And I'll risk being a little corny... Changing the Entire World!

Developing a Protector's Lifestyle will extend into every area of your life! Not just helping you to be more safe, but also enhancing every area of your life! Your relationships, your career, your personal life, your public life, your professional life...


It all starts with YOU and how you're training yourself to become what you want to be! Training yourself to be the Best You that You Can Be! And when you are acting that way more consistently that feeling will spread to others organically.


One reason is because you know what to do when things go South, so you don't have to put on a false front to compensate... You are developing Real Confidence through Clarity, Training & Experience!

...That makes ALL the Difference!

And... I am privileged to be a part of that Journey!

Thanks for being part of the PeaceWalker Community, I think you'll find the resource, connection and inspiration you've been looking for to 'Level Up' so to speak!

Stay tuned for some pretty Incredible Things coming in 2019 that will change your life... maybe even save it!

You got this,

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