Conflict the Tool of Opportunity

It takes a lot more effort and (initial) risk to try to work out differences and come up with a most good / least harm scenario.

Yes, there is risk during conflict, but if you play your cards right, the damage can be minimized. In certain scenarios, things can sometimes come out even better than they would have without the incident occurring in the first place. Or at least make the most of a crappy situation... 

Sucks or Sucks Worse!

But only if you can see Conflict as an Opportunity.

You've been there... Sh*t's going wrong. Things get stressful. People are upset, but the issue still needs to be handled. It's easy to just cut and run so to speak... And sometimes that's the appropriate thing to do. However, sometimes you can gain even more by sticking it out and working through the details to develop a new plan. Something that benefits everyone or is MOST good / LEAST harm for all (as best as you can expect) depending on the situation.

Now that takes...

Mad Skillz...

What kind of skills?

Well, that depends.

If you are talking things through, good negotiation skills are necessary.

If you are in the middle of a potential physical assault, then it is going to depend on what the situation is...

You may have to ESCAPE or possibly 'Stun & Run'... You know, hit them 'where it hurts', then get the hell out of there.

...Or, you might need to INCAPACITATE them. Put them down hard so you know they can't hurt anyone again.

In some situations you may need to RESTRAIN & CONTROL the person, so they can be dealt with.

Regardless of what needs to happen, you'll have the most amount of opportunity if you have the right toolbox. So, being well rounded, clear, and focused on the right things is imperative to working out the right solution.

Your defensive tactics skills should include:

  • Ethics
  • Mindset
  • Emotional Baseline
  • Verbal persuasion skills
  • Physical tactics
  • A spectrum of ways to physically engage, ranging from 'escape to eliminate.'


More Tools = More Options

However, that's not all...

You'll need something else. TWO things actually...


Remember, everyone is protecting something... Make sure it's the right thing. Are you are clear!  

Another Missing Ingredient is often...

(Wait for it...)


Yes, it takes guts to look to the bigger solution and use your skill to do the right thing and not succumb to being overly focused on yourself and/or react out of fear.

Excessive force doesn't only happen in the physical realm. It can happen in verbally, emotionally, socially. 

The Solution...

Have the right training that will help you to develop (and sustain) the proper tools for dealing with real world conflicts and violence as a whole. Becoming a PeaceWalker is done by developing a Protectors Lifestyle.

Surround yourself with people who are on the same page regarding building that Lifestyle. Develop the right beliefs, mindset and habits, so that under stress you are ready because you've trained and build the framework for it! 

Remember, real conflict doesn't typically look like an Action Movie! Real world violence come in all flavors, shapes and sizes... It is often ugly, messy and multifaceted (Ethical, emotional, verbal, social, physical, situational, legal, etc.)... Prepare for it!

Keep going,

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