Krav Maga: More Than a Survivor!

You Need to Learn More Than Techniques!

In the thick of a real conflict, techniques break down quickly. As a matter of fact, they are typically the first to go. We lose fine motor movement... 

We forget... We f-up...

Techniques tend to be reactionary. So, then why is everyone looking to learn the next 'Trick' to solve the problem? 

Because learning & teaching techniques is EASY!

...AND it makes us feel like we have accomplished something. But that's a load of BS! And it can get you and the people you're protecting hurt or worse. 

Learning technique can be a first step, but...

If you're only thinking about techniques, you're thinking too small! 

...And you're going to pay for it!

You have to think bigger!


Novices are thinking all technique...

Folks who are the Real Professionals have developed a Lifestyle.

They Train Their...

Bodies like Soldiers
Minds Like Generals
Mouths Like Diplomats
Hearts Like Protectors

That's one of the main things I learned the first time I went to Israel...

From the old grandma on the bus to the young hard chargers in the IDF. 

It's that Krav is a LIFESTYLE...

Being a Protector is a LIFESTYLE...

Being a PeaceWalker is a Life you LIVE, not a box you check off!

You see, it's difficult to be peaceful in a violent community (local or otherwise).  So how can we make a bigger difference?

Conflict comes in many forms and it typically escalates. The newb waits for shit to hit the fan and then wants to learn the 'technique' to deal with the situation. Nothing wrong with learning new techniques. You should learn and be good at a lot of 'em, but if you want to be safer, more effective, don't stop at technique! Learn the right mindset, ethic, objective, strategies, tactics and also techniques. It never hurts to have the right tools too! (Like some pepper spray, a good knife a Glock or Colt...). But, don't confuse techniques or tools as having all of the answers.

We Can Learn a Lot From Israel

We can learn a lot from the folks in Israel regarding how and why developing a Protector's Lifestyle is so important!

Here's one way can we contribute to helping others be safe?

Yes, we should have the skills to step in and help out when someone needs us, but what's even more powerful is help mentor others to be protectors themselves! That's how Israel does it!

As Moshe Katz of Israeli Krav International says in his book,  "Israel is a Nation of Warriors!" We used to be too here in the U.S. and we can be again, but we need each other...

Not to bitch, condemn and fight among ourselves...

We need People like YOU to Lead By Example.

Folks who are clear about what they are protecting. People who have the skills and courage to do the right thing especially when it's not popular. People who can meet those who don't 'get it' where they're at and set the example of what being a Protector is! And why it's so important!

That's why we need YOU!

That's why I began reaching out to my global Krav Maga Community... YOU! Because you 'get it'!

Now we just have to help you with the details. Help you to round out your training to encompass more than some 'self defense' moves. Then help you to share this perspective in a way that others get on board w/it too. Rather than just learning techniques.

We have to help people develop Protector's Lifestyles. 

To become PeaceWalkers!

Keep Going,

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