How to Rock Your Training!

A few months ago a friend and mentor of mine came out to our Krav Academy here in Grand Rapids...

It was a great day of training, and there were many insights shared, however, there was one thing that Jack said that can substantially and irrefutably CHANGE YOUR PERFORMANCE!

What is this 'sage advice?'
In Order to Get Really Good..

You're going to put in a lot of training...

The MOST amount of your training is going to be done ALONE!!

Because I'm also a musician, Jack's analogy was something that I could really relate to!

The New Led Zeppelin...

(In my dreams...)

I am a big Zeppelin fan and when I was a young lad, I often fantasized about not just opening for Led Zeppelin... But quite frankly BEING Led Zeppelin... (Yes, more vulnerable info that I should probably keep to myself!=)

Anyway... my music career never went too far, however for quite a while I had the opportunity to play my fair share of weddings (back in the day, before DJ's took over that market!), bars, music festivals, parties, etc.

In order to get the opportunity to play at all of those gigs, our band had to rehearse endless hours together as a band.

In order to be prepared for rehearsals w/the band, I often got together for hours to practice w/the other guitarist to go over the songs and tighten up our parts.

Before I got together w/my band mate, I practiced the songs myself over and over, so when I was prepared to play.

In order to play the song, I had to be able to actually play my guitar, which meant hundreds of hours of practicing how to play chords, scales, rhythm, theory, etc. in order to event have a chance at playing a song!

Heck, in order to be able to practice on a guitar at all,  I had to spend more hard earned time to earn enough money and free time to purchase the frickin' guitar and other equipment...

See the Connection!?

Now relate that same perspective to your training...

How many hours do you have to dedicate to have the resources to train?

How much time do you spend keeping your body fit enough, flexible enough, strong enough, hydrated enough, healthy enough to train?

How much time do you spend dialing in your stances, strikes and all of those moves and drills you can do solo!?

How much time do you spend w/a training partner to practice the things you learn in class that you can't cover in your solo training?

Just think how much more effective your training in class would be when you have built that foundation of constant practice and refinement that only you can do!?

How many classes, seminars and workshops will it take for you to become more confident that you are better prepared for an engagement in real time if you when you are faced w/one.

It's a Pyramid...

Life Event
Periodic Testing
On-going Weekly Classes
Getting Together with a Training Partner
Solo Training & Practice Working to Refining Your Basics
Your Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Rest, Employment, Time, Resources & Relationships

How to Begin!?

Start where you are...

Something Small, doable... Begin with one thing... Then another and another... Keep building... But DON'T STOP!

You'll face setbacks... Recover and start building again...

Don't rely on discipline alone... Use your discipline to build a HABIT... the habit will serve you when discipline alone will fail!

Start NOW!!


Build a Strong Foundation...

The moral to this story is don't just 'go to class'...


Don't just Build any lifestyle...

Build a Protector's Lifestyle...

Becoming a PeaceWalker will change everything for you! It'll help with everything in your life... Including your relationships, career, safety & security, your fulfillment, stress levels and overall peace of mind...

Remember, it all starts w/YOU!

Keep Going,

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