Protector Summit

Protector Summit?! What?

Yep, it's a FREE event where you can hear what military and security experts from Nave Seals & Green Berets, to Israeli Defense Force Counter Terrorism Experts & Krav Maga Instructors think are the 3 Most Important Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself, Your Family & Your Community!

Well it all started w/an idea I had last year... 

Over the years I have worked with a number of people with very interesting life experiences and things to teach. Things you could really benefit from! 

All of these folks who I'm talking about are, or were in the military here in the U.S. or over in Israel and have embraced what I would call a "Protector's Lifestyle."  A powerful way of living more clearly from the perspective that when we embrace this idea Dr. Robert Humphrey shared in his Warrior Creed, where:

"Everyone is a Little Bit Safer Because I'm there."

This perspective is simple, yet not as easy as one may think! It's easy to get off track one way or another. Keeping balanced to do "Most Good / Least Harm" is an art of life, but the better you are at it, the more safe, successful and fulfilled Life you'll build.

So, I decided to create this FREE 3 Day On-Line Broadcast where I interview 20 or so hard charging security experts from the U.S.& Israeli military and vet community.

On this exclusive LIVE On-Line Summit you'll hear from Navy SEALS, Israeli Counter Terrorism Experts, U.S. Marines, Green Berets, Krav Maga Experts straight out of Israel, Dept. of Defense Operators and many, many others!

They're going to give you their expert advice on how you can protect yourself, your family and your community better!

They reveal how you can Live a Protector's Lifestyle! How to become a PeaceWalker!

This Summit is geared for people just like YOU! Folks who are interested in protecting themselves and those they love! People who don't want to live in fear, but rather Live Powerfully!

You can gain Access to this On-Line Summit Absolutely FREE!

We currently have well over a dozen interviews and many more to go!

Here are just some of the Hard Chargers we currently have on board!

The Talent...

1) Robert Ewigleben - Navy Intelligence Officer / CIA (ret)

2) Elliott Chodoff - Israeli Defense Force Maj. - Counter Terrorism Expert.

3) Dr. Steven Bucci - Former Army Special Forces Lt. Col., Military assistant to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, 9/11 Pentagon Attack Survivor & Counter Terrorism Expert.

4) Joe Kuhns - Serving 26 years as a Navy Seal on teams 2 & 3.

5) Jack Hoban - Former USMC Capt., One of the Creators of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) & Conflict Resolution Specialist.

6) Schmuel Bowman - Israeli Defense Force Veteran & Director at Operation Life Shield.

7) Joshua Reis - Army Special Forces/Intelligence - Dept. of Defense Contractor.

8) Moshe Katz - Israeli Defense Force Veteran & Head Instructor of one of the largest Krav Maga organizations in the world.

9) Denny Gillem - Lt. Col. Army Airborne Ranger (ret), Taught at the War College, is Michigan's Most Decorated Combat Veteran & Host of Nationally Syndicated Frontlines of Freedom Talk Radio Show.

10) Wes O'Donnell - Army & Air Force Veteran, Author, Film Maker & Founder of Warrior Lodge.

11) James DeWitt - Combat Medic, EMT & Martial Artist.

(Many More...)

STAY TUNED for more details!! Because it's coming this fall! 

Keep Going,


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