Your Mom Was Right

The idea of being in tribe and part of a community reminds me of the discussion we got in on our last LIVE MasterClass Q & A Coaching Call when we talked about the affect of community on performance and being a protector...

Can Being a Part of a Community Help You Perform Better?!

In a word, YES!

You don't necessarily need the research of the effects of community when it comes to performance... You can FEEL it yourself!

However, there has been a fair amount of research on how community can effect our performance.

Malcolm Gladwell's Book, Outliers  has an interesting chapter where he shares research that ties longevity to community. He talks about how the citizens of Roseto, PA, “created a powerful, protective social structure capable of insulating them from the pressures of the modern world."

What Did Your Mom Tell You!?

"Be careful of who your friends are!"

What did the business / success coaches say?

"Show me your Friends and I'll show you your future."

Pick Your Tribe...

It doesn't matter what you want to do... 

If you want to lose weight... Hang out w/people who are losing weight!

If you want to get in shape... Hang out w/people who are getting in shape!

If you want to learn how to fight... Hang out w/fighters!

If you want to Live a Protector's Lifestyle... Hang out w/Protectors!

If you want to be a martial artist... Hang out w/them!

If you want to be successful... Hang out w/people who are! 

What If You Can't Find a Tribe?

Now-a-Days, because of the internet, it is much easier to find a community of people for pretty much anything...

However, if you can't find your flavor... Then...MAKE YOUR OWN COMMUNITY!!

In our case, make...

A Community of Protectors!

That's what THIS Community is all about!

Although I had many requests to create a(nother) martial arts, Krav Maga and/or defensive tactics organization...

I didn't want to!

We have Too Many Already!! We don't need another one!  However, I wanted to...

Create Something Unique...


Drilling down to the CORE of what people said they were looking for when they sought to defend 'themselves', be it with their hands, their words or w/weapons!

That's the reason for THIS COMMUNITY!!

The idea is to join us together as ONE Tribe of People who feel that calling of their Deepest Identity!

That of a Protector...

Bring them Together. Help them Clarify. Share Skills. Build a Community...

Start a MOVEMENT!!


If you're reading this...

YOU are a part of it too!


Keep Going,

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