Are We Getting Too Used to This?

Glen Oakley is a hero and you should know his name

Sunday was an awesome day training some nice ladies at one of my Her Survival Guide Workshops!

Everyone did a fantastic job!

It was a great day...

Then I Heard the News...


I've been a bit busy this week doing Protector Summit Interviews, teaching down at the academy and doing workshops...

Then I hear that there were not just one, but TWO MASS SHOOTINGS?!

You gotta be kidding me?!

Not again!

Once again, my heart goes out to the victims and survivors, as well as their families and loved ones...

And once again my admiration and appreciation goes out to the first responders who showed up on the scene ready to help... even putting their own lives on the line to protect others.

Below is a link to a story of one of those first responders; off duty US Army Solider Glen Oakley, who was in Walmart at the time of the shooting in El Paso. He overcame fear and stepped in as a protector to save the lives of numerous people, including children.

Here is a very heart felt BBC interview with him:

Are We Getting Too Used to Tragedies Like This!

It seems so...

What are we going to do about them?

What are YOU going to do!?

I for one am going to stay the path of Teaching People How to Be PeaceWalkers... How to Build a Protector Lifestyle... Cultivate the right perspective and skill set to know how to Protect themselves and others better.

It's Not Just About...

Learning how to respond to threats like these. It's also about helping mentor more leaders who have influence at every level of our communities, schools, governments, businesses, city, state and federal government, in order to have more clarity as to prevention and response.

Hopefully we are able to reach more people, so that events like these don't even happen, or happen less...

And the one's that do occur, we are training More PeaceWalkers who know how to better detect and handle it early, quickly and more effectively (even if only a little).

What's the Answer...

More gun laws?
More people w/CPL's?
More government intervention?
More mental health resources?
Another president?

Both sides of the media seems to reflect the situation in a manner that serves their agenda best.

I don't have the answer...

Maybe someone does...

But, I wager the real solution is multi-faceted and won't fit into a neat box that someone can write a clever meme on.

Forget about the memes...

Do you own research!

And get ready for what...

The Bigger Question Is...

What are YOU going to do?

I know my answer...

Keep Going,

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