Mental Scripting, Survival & Peak Performance

Continuing on from last weeks blog...

I was sharing some solid advice from Joe, a retired Navy SEAL regarding the Protector Mindset.

Our conversation was during the recent Active Response Training Seminar down at the Krav Academy this past month.

I broke our conversation down into three (3) posts.

The first dealt with Mental Rehearsal, which we discussed about three emails ago.

Well, the next concept, Mental Scripting is similar to that,  but with a couple  IMPORTANT NUANCES.

Check it out...

Mental Scripting: Is when you mentally walk through a scenario in your head, reviewing what could possibly happen in a situation.

For instance, lets take an active shooter event.

You go to the movies, sit down and mental script out a scenario where you imagine someone coming in with a gun and starts shooting...

In your head, map out what you'll will do, where will you'll go, what happens...

~ Where is the cover?
~ What exit do you run to?
~ How do you shield & protect your wife?
~ Do you use as a weapon or tool for distraction?
~ Etc.

Don't Miss This Important Detail!


In this Script, you always come out winning!


Plant the seed of victory, while at the same time add in an injury that you have to overcome. Maybe you get shot in the leg and have to apply a tourniquet or your wife does, maybe someone or you attack the guy, how fast do you respond to help out or gain control of the weapon, etc.

Play it out in your head, run into adversity and set backs. Yes, you experience pain, but in this script, you work through it and still come out on top!

Simple, But Important...

This simple, yet important tactic can make the difference between surviving or not!

Remember, you are an AmeriCAN... Not an AmeriCAN'T!! =) =)  hahaha!

Anxiety Conversion?!?

It's the last of the three concepts Joe shared in that talk...

AND it's pretty important if you want to perform better and survive under stress during a situation where it matters.


You'll have to catch the next post to hear about that one! =)

Protector Summit Again?!

In a word... NO!

It's done...

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Until next time...

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