Converting Anxiety to Action!

As promised, the last part of the 'Lessons from a Frogman' is a good one!

Let's first quickly recap:

These tips came from a conversation during a recent Active Response Training Seminar that I was teaching. Joe, who was there, is a retired Nave SEAL. He contributed to class with a few really good conversations and tips.

Those tips have been the topic of our last several emails.

Mental Rehearsal and Mental Scripting were the last two subjects we talked about.

Now we're going to wrap it up with...


What is it and why is it so important?

Here's what Joe had to say about that:

Now there is one more thing that should be taught to our Warriors and that is Anxiety Conversion. This helps combat ESR (Extreme Stress Reaction).

When we are at a high level of anxiety that is negative, research shows that shifting from anxiety, a negative state of high arousal, to calm, a positive state of low arousal, is both extremely difficult and counterproductive.

It's difficult because anxiety has a powerful momentum of arousal. It shifts our heart rate, our breathing rate, and activates the release of hormones designed to keep us vigilant, alert, and awake.

It's important to stay calm, but still be at a high level of arousal for action.

We need to shift from Anxiety (negative) to Excitement (Positive), it is all mindset and how you perceive it,

"I get to kick some Ass vs. I'm going to get my Ass kicked."

Bruce Lee said it best,

"When you find yourself in a room surrounded by your enemies you should tell yourself "I am not locked in here with you, you are locked in here with me." This is the kind of mindset you should have if you want to succeed in life. Get rid of that victim mentality."

Tactical Grounding

Joe's perspective was well received and spot on (as if you needed me to validate that!).

In the next email I'll give you a quick 3 step process that aligns your body and breath behind Joe's mental conversion to effectively 'reset' your anxiety from 'Whoa' to 'GO!'

More From the Frogman...

If you would like to hear Joe's entire Protector Summit Interview along with other U.S. & Israeli Military Vets about how to better protect yourself, your family and community better, then click below for details.

That's all for now.

Talk to you soon.

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