Self Defense in a War Zone!

I had an interesting conversation last night.

I'm not sure exactly how we got on the subject, but I was sharing stories of some of the guys I've done work with either in security, training or teaching.

In this industry, it's common to run into soldiers, contractors or vet who seen some combat.

First of all, I want to get one thing straight, regardless if I agree w/their approach, I appreciate their service to this country and I respect the experience that they had during their tour(s) of duty...

But, some of perspective these guys are bringing to the civilian and law enforcement communities have to be filtered, because not all of their ideals or tactics are suited for anything outside of a war zone...

Some of the perspectives and ethics could be even be considered questionable in those areas.

Don't Misunderstand...

Don't miss understand, we can learn tons of useful things from soldiers, ex-soldiers, contractors and vets...

However, don't forget that environment, circumstance and context matter...


It's easy to get into the training mindset that in order to protect yourself, it's 'all out war' so to speak...

But don't forget that if you are a civilian, law enforcement, first responder, or some type of private security, sh*t's going to go down differently that it will if you are serving over in Afghanistan, Iraq or any other war zone...

You need different skill sets for the types of conflict and (most) types of violence you run up against in the Social and Urban environment of the cities and suburbs where YOU LIVE...

~ Workplace, school, home.
~ Planes, Trains & automobiles.
~ Parking lots, restaurants, concerts & other public places.

Yes, it is possible that you may have a room clear in there on a really bad and rare, day. Maybe (a BIG Maybe) you win the lotto in reverse and are a part of some type of active assailant or terrorist incident.

Regardless, the way you would engage and handle even these types of situations as a civilian (especially unarmed) will vary (greatly) from how a soldier or spec ops team would approach it.

Urban Warfare v. Just Urban

The point isn't to put down or diminish the training that comes from soldiers or LEO's, it's just to help you PeaceWalkers understand that just because it's proven in a "War Zone" it doesn't mean that it's always best suited for use for your every circumstance...

I encourage you to go out and get training for the more extreme incidents...

But, don't neglect or ignore training in the situations you are much more likely to run up against in your life.

Not to mention these are situations that often escalate into, could be prevented by or are red flags to those bigger circumstances as well.

You have to make sure that you are training for the types of situations that YOU are more likely to run into in the environment of your real world!

Most are going to be social and deal with attitude, awareness and communication skills. Probably w/o the usage of a weapon...

Things like:

~ Deescalating an argument
~ Handling a road rager
~ Basic 'Street Smarts' & not looking like an easy target
~ An employee gets belligerent & all worked up (but NOT an Active Shooter)
~ Someone who doesn't take NO for an answer
~ A rude (but not violent) drunk
~ Someone bullying you or your wife at work
~ Someone bullying your kid at school
~ Someone's following you or your daughter

Maybe Things Do Get Physical:

~ You breaking up a fight (Teacher! Parent! Family!)
~ You get mugged
~ Some assaults you or your wife
~ You have to escort someone out of your workplace, home or school

I have watched us as a society get very focused on Active Shooting, Terrorist and other More Extreme (but rarer) incidents...

Yes, of course train how to deal with those things!

But for heavens sake, don't neglect the training necessary to effectively handle the (way) more common types of conflicts and violence that can easily escalated into a lethal encounter!

Develop a well rounded skill set and spend the most amount of time and resources on those things most likely to occur.

If you are a soldier and actually live out in an War Zone, your training should reflect it...

HOWEVER, if you are a civilian living in a city or suburb, with a family, working a regular job, than train in those things that fit your situation...

Real Defense for Real People Begins with the Right Mindset!

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