3 Lessons From Ricky Gervais's Golden Globe Speech

If I were to say that I never watched the Golden Globe Awards that would be an understatement...

Well, I guess, now I'd be lying, because I just caught Ricky Gervais' Golden Globe Opening Speech and...


I'm sure what I have to say will end up losing us some of our subscribers, but...

Ah f-k it!

Ricky's speech was FUNNY!

If you haven't heard it yet...


Google it, watch it and then come back to read this post!

His humor a bit more up my alley than most of what we've been hearing the last several years now...

I can only hope that we might be getting our sense of humor back a little bit...

It's not about being raunchy... it's about not taking ourselves (and everything) so seriously.

It's tiring walking on egg shells all the time, since everyone is so offended about everything and anything now-a-days.

Everyone's feeling the stress, whether or not they even realize it!

It's exhausting!

Then theirs the hypocrisy of folks who tirelessly get on their political/agenda ridden soap boxes...

And I'm not just talking about the stars... But pretty much all of us out there on social media (& obviously if you're reading this, that statement would include yours truly as well)! =D

All that aside Ricky's speech can teach us a lot about defensive tactics and being a PeaceWalker!

NO! I'm am not just messing w/you... It really can!

And Here's How...

3 Things PeaceWalkers' Can Learn from Ricky Gervias's Golden Globe Speech:

1) Keep Your Sense of Humor: Life can be crazy & the people in it even crazier. Yes, real conflict and violence is serious business, but if you don't keep a sense of humor, you'll be less effective and headed for a mental health emergency in the long run!

*Spoiler Alert* No one's getting out of this Sh*t Show Alive... Yes, there is a lot of bad stuff going on out there, good people suffering, people doing evil things, puppies dying and the like...

But, we can't control it all! We have to learn to simply do the best we can w/what we have, be able to let go of what we cannot control. Don't let the bad stuff rob you of the joy of the good things in Life...

Follow the words my Grandma Lived by...

"For God's Sake... Stop Taking yourself So Seriously!"

There's a lot more to Life than all this doom and gloom! It can consume you if you're not careful!

2) Not Everyone will 'Get It': If you look at the faces of some of those celebs at that event listening to Ricky's speech, it was clear that not everyone was 'tracking' with him and his jokes. The same holds true when you're a PeaceWalker...

Yes, we are ALL Protectors, but not everyone 'Gets It' when it comes to protecting the right things. The 'Mush Balls' out there think its just about being nicer to people... It's not.

The 'Hard Chargers' don't quite have it either though! The answer isn't 'kill'em all and let God sort them out'!

It's a balance folks!

So, although EVERYONE's Capable of being a PeaceWalker... Not everyone get's it... Or get's you for that matter!

It's ok... Be Clear, Confident, have Skills and Keep Going!

3) You Have to Have Hutzpah (that's balls, cahonas (or cahon-ettes), you know, guts...): I don't think anyone would argue that Ricky had to have 'a pair' to stand up there and tell those jokes... Not to mention in the company of that audience! He has Hutzpah! And you're going to need some too if you want to be a PeaceWalker! Now there can be a fine line between guts and just being an arrogant, selfish blow hard...  It's a balance, but one worth learning! Because not only do you need to have Hutszpah to be a Tough Target and all around bad a$$ Protector, you need it to Live a Better Life too! Living the Life of a doormat is no way to Live. It actually paves the way to more conflict and violence!

Did I mention having a Healthy Balance!?

I believe I did...

I know it's a subjective statement.. but since you are a part of this community you either already get it... or keep reading... you will! =)

Keep going,

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