The Threats To Be Concerned With

Two Types of Threats:

When it comes to talking about crime, conflict and violence, there are two simple threat categories: 

Threats from...

1. Strangers.
2. People You Know.

Stranger Danger!

When it comes to staying safe from strangers:

Keep Your Distance & Keep Moving – Don’t let them get too close,
stop or redirect you.

Say, ‘NO!’ – If a stranger approaches.

Yell ‘FIRE!’ – If you or someone else is in trouble.

Give Up Your Stuff – If someone has a weapon & wants to rob you.

If Stranger Approaches, or Tries to Stop You...

If you get approached by a stranger or if he tries to stop you...

Don’t let them isolate you! 

Do whatever it takes to NOT get taken down that dark alley, into that vehicle, into that back room… 

Do whatever you have to, to get away. Remember, the really bad stuff happens in secluded places. 

Don’t let them lie to you, threaten you or grab you to get you to go. Your chances get dramatically worse the more isolated you are. 

Attract Attention

Drawing attention to someone with ill intent usually stops them in their

This method typically work live in person, on-line, texting or on the phone...

It works in all environments, Personal, Professional and Public! 

Remember, light dispels the dark! 

So rather than fighting the dark learn how to spread more light!!

All That & More...

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