Touching Base

I hope you, your family and friends, colleagues and community are all hanging in there during all of this.  

So much has transpired for all of us in the past few days, I know everyone is feeling it. Uncertainty, stress, fear of the unknown. 

It's easy for our minds and emotions to begin to take us to some pretty dark places, but...

Hold tight! You got this!

Remember, this is what we've been training for...

~ To be leaders in this time of crisis. 

~ To help everyone be a little safer when we are there.

~ To help people in need know that someone has their back. 

~ And to make sure through this fog of uncertainty, stress, and fear, that where ever we go people are glad we are there... 

So, in everything that you do, by your presence alone, in your own unique way. Help where you can, everything counts!

Managing Your Fears

It is difficult to lead others and inspire confidence when our own fears take a hold of us. 

I know gang, I'm really feeling it too, but don't succumb to your demons of 'what if' worse case scenarios. 

Sometimes when that picture becomes too overwhelming you have to relax, breathe, be in THIS moment and think of a better bigger picture... 

Think of the things you can do.

Think of one little next step.

Have faith in something bigger than yourself... 

Bigger than all of this!

You are strong and resilient.

We don't have to know exactly how this all will look moving forward, but we will make it through this. 

Keep Going,

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