A Bully is a Bully...


They come in many many forms.

Actually, the ones that you find on the playground beating up little kids are the easiest to spot. Now-a-days we have become way more sophisticated at this diabolical skill. 

It's a power play, typically directed toward individuals and groups who appear to be easy targets. Often to those who relinquish their own power in submission to overt, thinly masked or tactics immersed entirely in subterfuge.  

We have become very good at the bully game in every area of life:

  • In our schools.
  • At work.
  • In person.
  • Over the phone.
  • On-line.
  • In relationships.
  • In our communities.
  • In politics.
  • In our culture.
  • Basically anywhere people get together. 

Many believe that by becoming less physically violent, we have grown into a kinder, gentler society...

And to a large degree I believe we have.


And this is a pretty big however.

It hasn't gone away. Bullying is still here and it's a sophisticated and equally toxic game. 

It comes in many forms:

  • Physical
  • Verbal
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Spiritual
  • Cultural
  • Intellectual
  • Sexual
  • Cyber
  • Resource
  • Relational
  • Media
  • Virtue
  • and more...

Bullying happens in pretty much any way you can imagine...

I wouldn't say it has evolved really. Do your history and you'll see we've been pretty sophisticated at this for a long, long time. Now we just have some fancy technology and social norms that has given things a new coat of paint. The modern age has allowed us to industrialize the process so we can reach more people more easily. And the social structure to require the individual to be more savvy.

Make no mistake, bullying is just another form of violence and you need the right tools to protect yourself and others from it.

You have to have the awareness to be able to pick your battles. Not everthing is, or should be a fight so to speak. However, simply bowing down and just being nice doesn't always work either. As a matter of fact, if done in the wrong way or at the wrong time, it can make things worse.

PeaceWalker and the 
Evolution of a Protector

This is why you have to be well rounded as a protector. You have to have skills to defend yourself that are more than simply owning a gun or learning how to punch and kick your way out of a situation.

You have to have a well rounded set of skills. You have to Evolve as a Protector. Evolve into a PeaceWalker.

(You've heard this before...)

It begins with the right mindset. Being clear on your belief and ethic. Your ability to separate someone's value as a human from their beliefs and behavior. 

You must understand your identity as a protector. Know who you are and how to see others... Especially during conflict.

You have to be aware. See how things come together. Think strategically.

You have to have Influence. Know how to hold yourself. Understand how to effectively communicate...

And know what to do if communication alone isn't going to get the job done.

What It's NOT!

If you think you're safe hiding behind your gun or your fists alone...

You are mistaken! 

You need to Evolve!

Now more than ever it's about having the whole package to deal with conflict and violence. 

Even something as fundamental as your health. mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually needs to be addressed and should be a part of your training.

You need a complete approach to what we face... Especially now during these times of such social unrest.

Are you prepared to Evolve!?

Keep Going,

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