Don't Complicate This!

I was poised to go down a number of roads regarding all of the happenings of today, but. rather I decided to go down another path...

One of... 


There are a lot of political and special interest group agendas out there right now. They're mixing in with emotions and other causes. So much so, it resembles a swarm of (murder) hornets, they have people confused and afraid of being stung.

This swarm is so thick that even with clarity it's hard to see straight. Like a lighthouse on a really really foggy night. It's still hard see the light that will prevent your ship from crashing on the rocks. 

Organizations hoisting flags and riding on waves of popularity that can conceal other intentions some just off base others intentionally manipulative. 

Which side? 

Both really...

Too bad that many are viewing things from 'this' or 'that' side...

But here we are again!

I've Had Enough!

But, rather than yell louder, I'm going to do what my grandma used to say... (Remember her from a few weeks back when I shard my high school graduation pic w/her?!)

'Craig, quit making things so complicated!'

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of all of the politics. All of the 'Virtue Signalling.' All of the judging. All of the yelling, w/o talking... and talking w/o listening... All of the static.


~ Treat people with Dignity & Respect.

~ Stand Up for the Right Things.

~ Appropriately Deal w/Behavior.

~ Be Willing & Able to Defend Yourself (& Others).

~ Be Accountable. (Own Your Sh*t)

Some Might Ask...

"But Craig, you don't know what you're talking about... it's more complicated than that."

My answer...

"No It's Not!"

The reply...

What about the laws?

Or corporate policies?

Or systemic racism and implicit bias... thing you aren't even aware of?!



Make laws that reflect those five qualities...

Corporate policies?

Make policies and procedures that reflect those simple qualities...

Implicit bias & racism? 

All of us definitely have biases we aren't even aware of and sometimes even thoughts that favor one group over another or stereo type someone because of our perception of group tendencies...

However, we don't have to act on those things...

Rather, we have the ability to CHOOSE! So when we do, choose to embrace those five qualities.

Well... What about disrespecting or offending someone!?

Arguably tougher... however manageable.

A lot of this boils down to INTENT. What is your intent? Is your intent to hurt, offend, exploit, put down or disrespect?

If it's not, and your actions aren't physically hurting someone, than it's ok to not agree. Go ahead and let the person express their right to feel however they choose to w/o guilt-ing you into thinking that you have to make them feel a certain way.  

I know, I know, hard to believe that it's that simple...

But it IS!
(Not to be confused with easy!)

Now What?!

Go set the pace. 

Lead from the front...

Inspire others through your actions.

Spread that message by example. 

Skill &

Keep going,


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