Your Own Fortress of Solitude

Batman has the Batcave. Superman has his Fortress of Solitude (F.o.S.). Zorro and Dr. Strange have their Lairs...

Where's your's?

Do you have one?!

Well if you don't, you need to change that IMMEDIATELY!

Why You NEED A F.o.S.

First let's clarify what it is and isn't. 

NO, it isn't a Man Cave... here's the distinct difference. 

A Man Cave is centered around relaxing, unwinding and entertainment... and that's definitely a good thing...


A F.o.S. is waaaaaaaaaaaay more than that!

A F.o.S. is a place where you do recharge, but it is also a place where you prepare, you train, you scheme, you strategize... your next caper, your mission to change the world (or at least your own)!

A place where you can be left to your own thoughts. Figure things out... To become!

A place that is more like a magnifying glass that helps you to focus your powers to accomplish your mission. 

Building Your Own F.o.S.

It would be opportune if you had a specific physical space dedicated to your F.o.S. If you do have that luxury, then use it! However, that's not always possible. 

The idea of a F.O.S. is a lot like your mindset. It can be a space within a place. It can be in or outdoors.  It isn't as much a physical space as it is having 'someplace' where you can change your mental space. 

It's interesting how little things make a big difference when it comes to creating your F.o.S. 

You can get started creating a sacred space by following a few easy steps:

1) Commit to having the space, explore what it really means to you & how you're going to use it to conquer your world!

2) Dedicate a spot where you can be alone and uninterrupted for periods of time w/o prying eyes. Keep in mind, it doesn't have to be a whole room. It can be a corner of a room, the top of a dresser, table or any other space you can find. It can even be outdoors. (Although this is less opportune due to weather and prying eyes.)

My space is in my living room, next to my fireplace. I light an incense, turn on the lower light and surround myself with my index cards and sharpie markers to plot, plan and strategize. When it's time to workout, I push the furniture aside and train right there too. 

3) Transforming It Into Your Inner Sanctum - Find personal items which are meaningful to you. Surround yourself with inspirational icons, things that symbolize importance to you. Things that help you focus your super powers. Fill F.o.S. with meaningful quotes, spiritual symbols, music, plants, incense, flags, special lighting and anything else that connects you to your larger, deeper self and opens you up to something bigger. Things that separate this space from the 'ordinary' world and pulls you into a place of clarity and power.

4) Create a ritual. Once you've created your F.o.S. space, how will you signify your separation out of the ordinary and into this altered reality. What?! 

Well, think of it like a little routine or ritual if you will, that designates the time you spend there. It is a mental departure and separation helping bring you into the right state of mind. 

For example: 

For me, my yoga 'ritual' when I do yoga in the morning: I push my furniture aside, roll out my yoga mat and light an incense. When I do this I get into my 'yoga' mode, a mental place where I can concentrate on training that specific thing.

When I'm plotting my world changing mission, I have a special light I turn on. I get out my tablet, huge index cards, sticky notes, sharpies and multi-colored highlighters... Light an incense and sit in my leather Akea chair, my feet up on the matching stool. 

Your ritual can be simple or complicated but, whatever you elect to do, make it meaningful to you, something to help you to specifically dedicate that time and 'space' to focus and prepare you for getting some reality altering work done!

Here are some suggestions on what other people do:

~ Lower the lights or turn some lights on... 

~ Clear the table & get out a legal pad and pen.

~ Hang a punching bag.

~ Light some candles or incense.

~ Hang a flag, put out a tapestry or blanket. 

~ Light a fire.

~ Shut the door.

~ Get out a iconic sculpture, picture or painting. 

~ Put some inspirational quote up. 

~ Close the blinds or pull the shades.

~ Put out your training gear.

~ Rearrange / push aside the furniture.

~ Etc.


Your homework is to create your own F.o.S. by the end of the week!

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Ok, go out and enjoy your day as you plan building your F.o.S.!!

Keep going,


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