You Don't Have to Be Big to Make a Difference


A Native American folktale from the Anishnabe people tells of a great river that was filled with many fish and such sweet water that all the animals came to its banks to drink from it. 

When a giant moose heard about the river, he went there to drink from it. But the moose was so big and he drank so much of the river, that the water began to dry up. 

The beavers were the first to worry. 

"If the river disappeared, what would become of our lodges?" They exclaimed!

The muskrats were worried about how they would live without the river too; as were the fish. They couldn't survive on land like other creatures. The water was their home.

All of the animals gathered together to think of a way to drive the moose off. But he was so big that even the mighty bear was afraid to approach him.

Would no one stand up to moose, all of the animals wondered!

Then the tiny fly said:

"I'll do it. I'll make the leave."

The animals began to laugh. 

"How could one little fly scare a giant moose?" They all said.

Hearing this, the fly choose to ignore their jeers and waited for moose to return to the river for a drink. Once moose showed up, fly went to work. First she bit moose on the leg, causing him to stamp his hooves into the ground with a mighty thud. Each time moose did this, the ground sank and more water pured forth. 

Fly wasn't afraid of moose's might... Because she wasn't challenging him with strength. Rather, she used cunning and her own special attributes. Making moose fight her fight... A fight he'd lose!

Fly began biting moose all over. Here and there. Places moose couldn't even reach to shoe her away. 

Places that hurt!

Moose shorted and ran trying to avoid the annoying fly. But, it was no use. Fly was relentless... 

And she now had moose on the run!

Finally, moose became so upset and frustrated that he ran from the river, never to return. 

Fly was quite proud of herself. 

"Even the small can fight the strong," she explained to the other animals, "If we use our brains to out smart them, rather than fight them head on."

~Author Unknown

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