Do You Prefer Your Turkey Cold?!

I went for a walk the other day (as I often do) and I have to tell you...

The sunset was absolutely amazing! 

I took a picture of it and you know what?!

It didn't do it any justice what so ever... 

As a matter of fact, it paled in comparison so much so, that I won't insult your sense of beauty by even posting it here...

The picture you see above, I took from the internet... Yea, big surprise! 

Virtual vs. Real

As good as our tech is, there's something better...

And it's absolutely FREE!

What is this amazing, limitless thing?

Real Life! 

You should try it!

You should inspire others to try it too!

Evaporating Problems?!

The more you begin using your tech as a tool and less like an addiction, the more rich your life will become. 

The more leverage you'll have over yourself. And that is really the only leverage that really matters. 

Quit allowing others to have so much influence over you. 

You'll find when you limit or even eliminate your activity on social media, many of those problems that you thought you had, simply go away! So, does much of the stress.

After a time, you'll enjoy more peace of mind... Less confusion and hate... More clarity and love....

But, that is AFTER you purge your system!

It's like getting sugar or caffeine out of your diet, at first its HELL!! You go through hard withdrawals. Headaches, cramps, mood swings, anxiety and discomfort!

But, if you can make it through the withdrawals, you'll come out on the other side a new person! 

Now calm down! I'm not saying you have to live like the Flintstones...

You can live however you want.

What I'm proposing is that you manage what you're consuming and how often.

Once you realize how much things like traditional and social media hijack the way you think, that's the same day you begin moving toward your own emancipation. 

And like most addictive things, when you finally ween yourself off from the dope, you realize how deep you were in! 

You also realize how easy it would be to fall off the wagon! 

Especially because 'everyone else is doing it!'

It's a big part of our everyday lives! 

We use our computer and phones ALL THE TIME!  In many ways!

So What To Do?!

Here are 4 suggestions to try to loosen your addiction to your social media:

1) Pick one (or all of your) social media platform(s) and go cold turkey. (Yea, this would be a tough one... So here's some easier alternatives.)

2) Limit your time on your platforms. Pick a time or two during the day (week or month) and designate it as your 'media time'. Agree in advance on when and how much time you will allow yourself on each platform (including responding to emails).

3) Take the platform apps off from your phone. (Maybe start with one or two).

4) Go Gonzo and swear off all your social media! Go Real World and leave Virtual Behind... (Yea, good luck with that... but do what you can.)

Building a Healthy Environment

Most people don't consider that they are creating an unhealthy environment for themselves. 

Environments are built in Real Time and Virtually. YOU are the person ultimately responsible for building the environment in which you live...

Your environment is what will help you to build the life that you live, the person that you become!

Be deliberate what environment you construct! You will become what you build!

Say What?!

If you want to talk more about this weird and wonderful life of a protector, then check out my PeaceWalker Weekly Podcast.

I hope you have a good weekend!

I'll talk to you more later.

Keep going,


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