Taking Scalps at the Voting Polls!?


Well, today's the BIG day for us in the U.S.!

We get to vote! 

A right that many fought and died for... 

I sincerely hope that you exercise that right today!


Have you ever wonder what the word Poll meant? You know as in VOTING POLL. 

Well, if so, here you go:

The word "poll" means "scalp" or "head". When votes were taken by gathering people together and counting heads, the place where this was done (sometimes an open field) was called the "polls".

All of this focus on voting and the Presidency, had me thinking about the mindset a president has to have to lead a country... Especially in challenging times like today. 

A Courageous... some might even say Fearless Mindset!

And If you think times are tough now, you really need to study up on history!

Think about the challenges that some of our past presidents faced?!

Washington lead us from a colony to a country. 

Lincoln had to deal with civil war and slavery... and lost his life due to it.

FDR had both the great depression & WWII to contend with.

For reasons unknown to me, I pulled out a bio written by H.W. Brands. I first read this one a few years back. It's a book about...

Andrew Jackson i.e., Old Hickory

If you don't know, Jackson's the guy on the $20 bill (which is ironic because he hated the idea of paper money).

Despite him doing & advocating things that sound horrifying to people today, there is a long list of lessons to learn about mindset by studying the life of this man.

One of these lessons is how raw Will Power moves mountains.

I wonder if he might have been one of the strongest Willed men who ever lived?

Take for example, the constant, excruciating physical pain he was in 24/7.

This guy spent a lifetime of engaging in all kinds of conflicts & fights — from his teenage years fighting redcoat soldiers, during the Revolutionary War...

One incident, while he was in an internment camp, he got a permanent scar on his face. A British officer slashed him with a sword because he refused to polish the red coats boots.

He engaged in duels to the death with dozens of people; lead several militias and then the US Army in the war against the British (again) in 1812. 

As you know he went on to become our nations President during a time when there was a lot of conflict that came with our Westward expansion.  

All of this took an extreme toll on his health, to say the least.

Take the duels to the death he was in.

He got shot and injured at times.

And, as a result, had severe lead poisoning much of his life. In fact, some samples of his hair were analyzed 100 years or so after his death, and his body had 20 times more lead in it than what is considered safe.

And that lead poisoning kept him in perpetual agony.

So much so, his soldiers said he was often just 3 steps away from collapsing in the saddle.

His abdomen was constantly on fire. He would sometimes violently vomit out of the blue, accompanied with shaking and sweating. His condition often left him ready to pass out in the saddle on the way to battles. 

Due to his discomfort, his temper flared out of control at the slightest thing causing him to blow up at people for little or no reason. And he was often nauseous, bedridden for sometimes weeks, and had written numerous letters about how this was it, he was done, going to retire, etc… Only to be back leading another battle to victory over one enemy or another. 

He was just someone who refused to back down from a fight.

Or, really, any kind of conflict.

Frankly, he thrived on it.

Every time he was bedridden with yet another health problem, thinking he was going to retire (and this was before he was even President), he’d hear of another battle coming up, and suddenly his health and pain levels returned to a manageable level and he’d be off to the races.

It’s why they called him Old Hickory in the first place.

He was not a large, man by any means.

He was tall & thin, and non imposing.

Yet he controlled the minds and Will of other men and armies — including great men of war and politics — who observed his toughness made him like a hickory branch:

Thin and bendable, but hard to break.

i.e., the exact opposite of many people in leadership positions today or anywhere else for that matter.

Whatever the case, there are many more lessons and insights in this book. And today seemed like as good a day as any to talk about it considering it’s election day here in the U.S.

Speaking of Fearless Mindset...

Earlier I came out with a program called the:

Fearless in Five Day Challenge

It's all about having the protector mindset to help get you though conflicts small and large. Especially needed in times just like these! 

I launched this program back when this pandemic first hit and I decided to pull it out of the vault now as an Election Day Special!

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Anyway, if you want to better prepare yourself for the conflicts that are coming then...

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Ok, I'm done...

If you haven't voted yet, get out there and exercise your right!

Talk to you later and...

Keep going,


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