Break & Choose

When I was a kid, I remember any time my brother and I had to share a candy bar, my mom made us divide it up in a very particular way. The rule was that the person who split that candy bar up, let the other person get first dibs on what half they wanted to take.

This simple rule inspires the person who makes the break try to do their best to make things equal. It's a much better solution than my folks threatening punishment if the two halves were unequal. It's also a better solution than my brother and I resorting to bullying and violence to get our way.

However, the only way that this system works is that if both parties agree, through a social contract. One built on trust rather than force. One constructed from the pursuit of fairness, not manipulation.

When we make our own decisions or choose our leaders, we should expect the same. Trust not threats. Fairness over manipulation. Less bias rather than more.... And free choice.

Having two sets of standards will result in conflict and violence.

Pursue less bias, more fairness, more clarity.

People are finding it difficult to see. Choices are being made on emotion. Actions out of fear.

Is this what it looked and felt like in Rome? Germany? England? France? And in our own revolutionary and civil history of division and war?

The winds of change are blowing. How big will the storm be? Is it winding up, or down? Will this usher in a new era, or tougher times? Perhaps both.

Regardless, you get to choose.

Choose what you're going to do with all of this. Choose how you are going to respond. Choose how you are going to feel... how you are going to think... The actions you are going to take. Choose to respect & protect the sanctity of Life. 

Stop condoning or condemning others differently than those who you consider to be on 'your side'.  

Choose to see beyond your party lines to connect with your deeper identity as an American, a Protector, a Human Being.

Not to sound dark, but the discord we are facing isn't over by a longshot. Covid, social unrest, the economy, our government and civic division, all will be here for a time to come...

You may not have wanted the events we are being washed away by, but you still have the ability to choose what you are going to do with all of it. How you will respond to it.

Remember, you may not be in control of the river, but you can choose how to steer your boat... 

I hope that you choose wisely.

You Can Choose to Listen

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