A Look Behind, A Look Ahead


Spent some good family time up North over New Year's Eve Day and the weekend. 

Did some snowmobiling too... Haven't done that in a couple decades. It was fun... Forgot how difficult it was turning those darn things on pavement! No crashes or fatalities though... so it was a good day!

Sleds have come a long way from leaf spring suspensions and bogie wheels! 

A Look Behind... Holy Schnikes!

Well, last year was quite a year wouldn't you say!?

To be honest, I'm still unpacking things...

I'll share more insights as they come to me... 

The support and connection from my family and friends, along with my Local Krav Academy and, of course the PeaceWalker Community... Nothing short of astounding... and comforting when times felt dark. 


I feel so fortunate, my gratitude can't be accurately expressed. And even though we aren't outta the woods yet, the camaraderie and support helps all of us to Keep Going through whatever comes next.

As for some of the specific shenanigan's we were up to in 2020?! Well, here's a short list of some of the things created & shared in the PeaceWalker Community:

~ Just Shy of 200 these [Almost] Daily emails.
~ Over 125 New PeaceWalker Member Training Update Posts
   (That's Over 70 Hours of New Training Material)
~ 50 Blog Posts
~ 27 Podcast Episodes 
~ Over Two Dozen Live Coaching Calls.

~ Just Shy of 100 KravCave Online Classes.
~ 5 Ronin Krav Maga Intro Sessions. (Usually it's double that)
~ 5 Krav Maga Seminars (We typically do 10)
~ One 2.25 Krav Maga Crash Course. (We typically do 2)
~ Ronin Swag Shop: Shirts, hoodies, mugs & such.

~ Revamped the PeaceWalker Member Site Last January
~ Street Smart Survival Guide:  Simple Answers to Dealing Street Violence
~ Social Unrest Survival Guide: The Uncommon Guide to Keeping It     
~ Fearless in 5 Day Challenge: Tools to Developing a Protector Mindset.
~ 6 Day Defense: Basic Self Defense Quick Start
~ PeaceWalker Ignite 30 Day Quick Start Program: Picks up where 6 Day      
   Defense leaves off.

~ A Dozen or so 'Cheat Sheet' Spec Cards: Three of which that were posted  
   on the membership site.

~ A NEW Podcast: The PeaceWalker Podcast started on May 31st
~ NEW PeaceWalker Path Notes: An old school printed & mailed newsletter. 

~ 5 Ad campaigns... that were ultimately banned from Facebook... (Bast@rds)

I know I left some things out, but regardless... Sheesh! That's a lot of stuff!

To tell you the truth, most of those things weren't planned. Now don't get me wrong, what I had planned was cool, but what actually transpired was waaaay better! 

When I started writing everything down, I was a bit amazed at how much new material was produced last year amidst the pandemic, social unrest, uncertainty and stress of last year.

I am hopeful for the year to come... Regardless of what it brings, we'll find out together...

Coming in 2021...

Yes, yes, there's a lot up in the air yet, however here are some of the things that I hope to get going:

~ Another Minor Site Upgrade
~ Tactical 'Speed Pass' Courses (Planning on 3 to 4 this year, beginning 
    w/Essential Pistol Disarms)
~ PeaceWalker Swag Shop
~ More 'Cheat Sheet' Spec Cards
~ Transcriptions of New Coaching Calls 
~ New MasterClass Guest Instructors
~ FOMO Fridays
~ More Ronin Krav Seminars, Intros and Classes
~ More of the good stuff & less of the bad w/a crap-ton of other things that I'll not disclose here yet! 

So, stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you want something to get you tuned in for 2021, check out my Podcast:


Don't worry,  emails w/more insights and less lists on the way!

Talk to you soon.

Keep going,


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