Chaos at the Capitol: Who's to Blame?

Last week turned out to be quite a ride to say the least...

Intense times...

What's been going on this past year with Covid, lockdowns, social unrest, riots, election disputes, more riots & national feelings of deep division... Things that we aren't used to experiencing to this degree here in the States. Something we're more used to seeing, 'over there' in other times and places, but not here, not now.

Many are shocked and overwhelmed with what has been happening. Most people are wondering where their former life went. Did we fall asleep to wake up in some strange sci-fi dystopian movie? 

Who's to Blame?!

This side is blaming that side. Everyone shouting louder and pointing fingers. The Government, Democrats, Republicans, lobbyists, special interest groups, big tech, big pharma, the rich, the poor, black, white, immigrants, covid, the media (social & traditional), technology, fraud, corruption, conspiracy...

'Us' and 'them...'

You and I... 

No one taking responsibility. Everyone wants 'their side' to win, 'then it will be alright.' 

Maybe if I get a bigger sign or yell a little louder they'll understand how wrong they are. 

Maybe if I post more inflammatory things on flakebook, then they'll understand and see it my way?! 

Maybe if I call 'them' idiots, then they'll see how wrong they are?!

Maybe if I burn down the city, loot and riot... 

Maybe if I storm the Capitol?

The Answer.

We are ALL to blame...

It's no one person, group, leader, media outlet, piece of tech or pandemic...

We are ALL responsible. 

We all have the choice to either act as a force to bring together or to polarize, demonize and dehumanize.

We all have a choice to recognize our differences, yet see our deeper similarity. 
To be able to stand up for what we believe, yet not damage the relationships with our friends, family, fellow Americans and fellow human beings in the process. 

This goes way beyond offending and political correctness. You have to deal with the stress, the conflict, the violence and fallout in a way that doesn't cause more of it.

You have the capacity to lead the way to peace, even in the midst of war. 

Otherwise WE ALL LOSE!

You and I ARE the answer... Each and every one of us. 

But you have to be Clear. You have to have Skill & you have to have Courage. 

It's not this side or that side; we're all on the same side. 

Yes, sometimes we don't see eye to eye and yes, there are some who will just never 'get it'. Those who are looking for opportunities for power and destruction... 

...But that's not most folks.  

You have to be the eye of the storm. Deal with the discord, conflict and violence in a way that protects what needs to be protected, but does so with a sense of humility and grace that leaves room for building allies not adversaries after the smoke clears.

You and I are the answer. 

You and I must lead the way. 

It starts here and now within each and every one of us...

It starts with You and I.

Keep going,

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