Say What You Want...

 Laird Hamilton doing what he does best

Say What You Want...

They're just watching what you DO!

I was listening to a podcast with big wave surfing legend Laird Hamilton the other day. I am inspired by Laird, he's a 56 year old surfer who has a lot of insight and inspiration for people like us. Not surfing, but who are aging, but live an active life, full life. 

On the episode I was listening to he said something that was profound for life and significant for conflict management.

"Say what you want, they're just watching you."

Now, when he said this, he was talking about raising kids. Meaning you can say what you want, but kids will mimic your actions. 

This is significant on many levels regarding child rearing, in Life and believe it or not during conflict management.

Matter of a fact, I wish I had more time to unpack this with you, but I don't really, so here's a shortened version. If you keep an eye (or ear) out for my podcast, this will be a topic on an upcoming episode.


Laird's words hold reflections of "leading from the front," "Set the Pace," and  "Walking the walk." 

Obviously, it's good to say what you mean and mean what you say, but the fact remains that people will be more influenced by what you DO, more so than what you SAY!

He was using it in the context of raising your kids: 

"You don't think their listening... They may not be, but they're watching, learning and (eventually) mimicing."

In light of that, here are some 


When training: It's not what you say you can do... It what you can do.


When leading: It's not what you tell them, it's what you show them.


In Life: Actions speak louder than words.


In Conflict: The subject can say what they want, as long as they do as I say.


Back in my bartending days, when I had to kick someone out, they would often talk sh*t when they left. Insults, threats, badgering and the like. However, most of the time they'd do what I asked. Which was usually making their way out of the bar. They complied, but just trying to vent and save face. I didn't care, as long as they were headed out that door! =)

I could go on and on with more examples, stories and applications... Maybe, I will in a future email, but for today, I'm going to sign off for now.

Remember, if you want to hear more from me, go to my PeaceWalkre Podcast here:

Ok, while you get ready to get into your weekend, think about this concept and see if you use it when you need to and when don't. For instance, when your baseline is slipping or you think no one's watching. 

If you get the chance, let me know how it goes!

I'll catch up with you next week.
Keep going,


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