You've Heard of Train Smarter Not Harder Right!?


It's never a good idea to bang your head against the wall in the hopes of improving brain functions. Yet, figuratively speaking, some people insist on doing it over and over again.

And when you do your best to help them out of their self-imposed trap, they get upset with you. Often times, it's better to just leave 'em alone.

Pain is a great teacher, I've found. When you get hurt, you have time to re-evaluate what you were doing. You can ask yourself if there IS a better way. You can think about the idea that perhaps you were sold a pile of BS about what you're doing. 

Take sparring for instance. The 'Go Hard or Go Home' method will just get you f*d up and wrecked. ESPECIALLY if you are over 40. 

Yet, I see so many of these places advocating it. 

In reality if you don't do things correctly, you'll just keep getting injured, resulting in less training and inevitably you quitting and not training at all!

How's THAT going to help you to protect yourself and family!? 

Answer is...

It's NOT!

I know, it's a tough pill for many to swallow.

But the cure is better than the illness. The cure is learn the smart way to train! Yes, it's the way I teach in my Private PeaceWalker Membership.

Hopefully, you don't get too old before you get smarter about how you train.

The drills, exercises and training methodology in the membership will lengthen and strengthen your ability to defend yourself, while increasing your functional athletic attributes as well.

The same goes for what is revealed in the other courses I champion, namely: Essential Pistol Disarms, Krav Maga Assault Response & My Up Coming Critical Knife Defense Course. 

A greater sense of confidence can be yours by following the methods taught in any or all of these courses. Each course addresses a different subject of self protection. 

Not the BS fluff or young hard charger who wants to prove themselves... but the same brutally effective methods that are taught to Israel's elite counter terrorists and our own boys in blue too!

Long-time PeaceWalkers have access to these 'secrets', and they're all the better because of it.

How about you?

Time to get out of pain. Time to train smarter. Time to gain more clarity and confidence when it comes to protecting yourself... and your family! 

Too soon old, even later smart is not a good motto to live by.

Get stronger and smarter sooner, rather than later.

No, you can't become a member right now (sorry), but you CAN get on the wait list!

Here you go!

(You'll Thank Me Later!)

Keep going,


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