Is This What They're Really Looking For?


I'm sitting here in my living room, in front of the fire listening to The Police's Ghost in the Machine album. 

I just got finished watching a recently posted Youtube video of the Mayor of Kiev, Ukraine talk as the Russian army descends on his city to destroy, occupy and take over control of his country's capitol. 

Life is surreal...

We see things happen in real time now like never before. 

Things from all over the world. 

What used to feel distant or abstract, now overwhelms our senses and assaults our emotions on a regular basis. 

It is good to be informed, but we are now overloaded with so much information in all areas, it is difficult for many to process it all. 

Especially these past couple years...

Years of crisis, division and conflict. 

Not that those things haven't been there before, they were just really brought out to the forefront of our consciousness due to the state of things.


There is a lot of power that comes with information...

But that power doesn't come without a cost...

And it is a high cost, even when that information is free. 

TV used to have 3 channels...

Then cable came out... Remember that old plastic woodgrain slider box w/43 channels? 

(Remember when channel 22 went from the directory to Mtv?)

Now we have millions of videos available on Youtube, hulu, netflix, prime and others. 

News outlets!?

Can't count them all!

And lets not forget all of the social media sites that rule our collective attention spans. 

They have gained so much influence and power over us individually and collectively, it's difficult for us to comprehend the impact.

Unlimited information... Limited Knowledge... Little Wisdom.

It's difficult for most folks to know who or what to believe.

Most fall for the hype. 

We've gotten to the point where there's so much noise that we only pay attention to the most overly dramatic, extreme things that capture our very short attention spans. 

And to put salt in that wound, we are hard wired to pay more attention to negative, fear based things...

Things that scare or piss us off have way more gravity on our attention, than do the lighter, happier things. 

I've heard that goldfish have greater attention spans than the average person.

A goldfish is said to have 9 seconds vs. 8 seconds for the average person... 

All that along with the desire for instant gratification and you have a difficult model to work with when it comes to teaching something meaningful, with subtilties and nuances. 

The Reason & the Real Reason

Nothing could be more indicative of this than people wanting to learn self defense.

People come in wanting to learn how to punch, kick and grapple, but is there something more?

But is there a deeper reason behind the obvious one?

Yes there is.

If there wasn't, this endeavor wouldn't see a 90% dropout rate within the first three months of training.


Does that sound like a number reflecting people who really 'want' to learn how to defend themselves?

I believe people still DO want to know how to protect themselves and their loved ones, they are just looking for a way where it doesn't take 10 or 20 years training several times per week to do it. 

I'm not talking about martial artist or sport enthuasiast. 

I'm talking about real people...

People like us. 

What's the Real Reason Then?!

After several decades of teaching people from all walks of life, how to protect themselves. They may say they want to learn self defense for many reasons but it all really boils down to this:

(1) Women want to feel safe.
(2) Men want to feel powerful. 

It's really that simple. 

Now, that takes many forms, but it typically always boils down to those two things. 

A very small percentage of people want to be martial artists or the next sport champion...

Most simply want the feeling of safety and power.

Another word for power might be confidence. 

Yes, of course I teach many who protect others for a living, you know, military, law enforcement, security, etc.

Most of those folks aren't martial artist or sports athletes either. They just need some skills to do their job, protect and get home safe. 

Back to Attention Span...

So, what happens is, people go to a martial arts class to feel either powerful and safe... or do their job.

They start off enthusiastic, but after a short period of time they don't get the feeling they were looking for. 

They don't feel safe or powerful... and there are faster ways of getting the skills to do their job.

So, they stop coming to class.

Their attention span is shorter than the time it takes to get proficient enough to get the feeling that they were looking for. The feeling that was wrapped up inside of the interest to learn self defense. 

They leave thinking that 'it isn't for them, or they try another style, only to have the same thing happen to them again. 

There is another thing that occurs which takes even less time, action and commitment on the part of the person...

What is it asks you?!


Watch videos.

That's right, just sit on your butt and watch videos from the comfort of your own phone.

For a short time, that gives you the feeling you're looking for, in the attention span that you're addicted to. 

It distracts you enough in the moment....

But it's just information... More to the point a form of entertainment. 

Little knowledge and no wisdom to the training, which is fine...

Until something happens!

Then people want more because the fleeting feeling they get from youtube feels thin and shallow. 

That's when my phone (and email) starts ringing off the hook again, because that feeling of fear motivates people into action...
This Is Why...

I created the PeaceWalker Approach.

It was made for folks who want to feel safe and confident.. People who want effective, real world skills, but don't want to spend their entire lives learning martial arts. 

PeaceWalker is the Rosetta Stone to getting that feeling you're looking for. 

It's discovering that if you train the right way, you can be Safe & Powerful in a few short weeks. You can develop the skills that takes others years and decades to develop.

Is it going to make you a martial artist or the next UFC Champion?


It was never designed to do that. You'll need different training for that. 

It was specifically designed to give you the blueprint to feel safer and more confident by understanding the essence to protecting yourself and others. 

It took me a lifetime to learn, develop and distill. 

But it doesn't have to take that long for you. 

It is an on going process though. 

One that needs to be sustained. 

That's one of the reasons why I write these emails. 

They're meant to give you continued nourishment you need to Keep Going on this path as a Protector. Your path as a PeaceWalker.

Conflict comes in many forms.

Some of which we must confront every day...

Thankfully, other types we encounter less frequently, some rarely.

Yet, human conflict is a simple fact of life.

The better you are at handling conflict, the more successful you will be... The better life you will live!

PeaceWalker was made for non-martial artists... 

Yes, of course many martial artists are a part of PeaceWalker (after all, I am one of them!)...

There is an overlap, but PeaceWalker wasn't created for the purpose of martial arts. If you want to learn martial arts, come out to my Local Martial Arts Academy and train.

PeaceWalker is a resource to teach the essential framework of how to quickly and simply protect yourself (and others) from the spectrum of human conflict.

Physical, Verbal, Social, Emotional

Or, you can take the next decade of your life trying to pick it up from a local martial arts gym, spending all of your time and money hoping for the best.

There's nothing wrong with training, as a matter of fact, I recommend it! 

Even if you do, you STILL need the PeaceWalker Approach.


Because your training isn't giving you all the tools you need. 


Get on my Insiders List & Gain Access to the 6 Day Defense Home Study Course Register go to:

Keep Going,


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