Death & Indecision


The other night I was driving home after a great day of training at the academy. It's dark and I'm chatting w/Jenn as I made my way down a side street. I was on my hands free Bluetooth in my car, so I could respond better to the road (love that thing!). 

It's getting darker earlier, so the streetlights are on down the side street I was taking to the expressway. Suddenly my headlight shine on a furry critter slowly running right in front of me. It's a rabbit. It freezes for a moment as it stared at me, then bolts in one direction. I see this and steering my car slightly to the other side of it trying not to hit it (or a parked car that lined the street too!).

But at the last second, it abruptly changes its mind and direction, veering the other way. The way I veered in avoidance. I didn't have time to redirect my vehicle again to compensate for the rabbits indecision.  


"Sh*t..." I say, knowing all to well what that sound means.

"What?" Jenn says over the phone.

"I just hit this rabbit..." I say, a little sad.

Luck, Fate Indecision & Death

Just like Life..

There are consequences to indecision and on this night, the rabbit paid the ultimate price for his.

Apparently his four rabbits feet didn't help. 


Tactical decisions happen very much like this too. Fractions of seconds count. You choose this way you live. That way.... Not so much. 

With some good training hopefully you have less indecision. Hopefully you make better choices!

They say luck favors the prepared...

Being prepared begins with the right mindset. The right training. 

Being prepared is a lot like working out. It's something you have to continue to work on. It's easy to  become complaciant. 

And don't get me wrong, even with being prepared you can still have a bad day. Fate still may not be on your side...

But I don't worry about that. That's beyond my pay grade... I focus on what I CAN control and live my Life powerfully, rather than fearfully. 

Are You Prepared?!

If you want to be more prepared for the conflicts? 

Are you prepared to Live a safer, more confident Life?!

If you are, than join me in my free home study course. I'll share with you a proven methodology that I have been teaching literally thousands of people over the past several decades. An approach that can change your Life... Maybe even save it. 

Don't Be Like that Rabbit?!


Indecisive and unlucky! 

Keep going,


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