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A little while back I taught a workshop at Temple Emanuel, a Jewish Synagogue here in Grand Rapids, MI. (Pictured above)

Jenn Franson was kind enough to help me inspire these wonderful young people. We all had a great time training together, training, telling stories and helping uncover these kid's Protector Identities. 

They were taking it all in when I told them the story about the reason why I named my organization PeaceWalker. 

That name comes from a quote from Imi Lichtenfeld who was the first Krav Maga instructor in the Israeli Defense Force. 

Imi was quoted saying,

"The reason we train is so that one can walk in peace."

I took that quote and got the term "PeaceWalker" out of it

Molding Clay...

It's important that we lead and mentor people.... Especially young people.  

I was talking to Tim one of our Instructors at the local academy. He was telling me about this 17 year old Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor who goes to competitions or sparring sessions and literally just cranks on submissions (chokes and joint locks) as fast as he can to be "competitive". 

Well, as you can imagine, he's hurting people. When you go so hard and fast when you get one of these holds on your opponent, it doesn't give them enough time to tap, resulting in a lot of injuries!

Apparently he wins a lot of matches, that's nice and all, but this shouldn't be at the expense of others in this way. 

What he really needs is his coach to pull him aside and straighten him out. Explain to him how the error in his ways and how to straighten that sh*t out and fast! 

No matter how skilled that young man is, that's not the way to go about things. He's missing the real point. He's a bit too gung ho and needs to find some balance. 

Yes, it's nice to win, but not like that! That's not a clean win. 

Sparring and competitions are a drill training and preparing you for bigger things.

If you believe the mat is the be all, end all of life, you really have to reevaluate your perspective. 

I hope that young man has a coach and mentor that can straighten him out on things. 

It'll save a lot of injuries and regrets all the way around. It could quite possibly save a whole lot more too.  

You Up for the Task!?

The last few years have taught us a lot of things, one BIG lesson I hope you are taking from these tumultuous times are that we need better leaders! 

Here's a secret...

We are ALL leaders. YOU are! I am! That dude down the road is too! 

The thing is...

We all just have to step up and get better at it!

It's high time to step up! 

A good start is with my free home study course. Click here to get access - https://sixdaydefense.com/

Keep going,


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