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Just got back from New Jersey yesterday. I was out training w/Jack Hoban. Most of you have heard me talk about Jack before, but for those who haven't heard of him...  

Jack is a former Capt. in the USMC and one of the guys responsible for creating MCMAP as well as their  Warrior Ethic program. He is the president of Resolution Group International (RGI) that teaches conflict resolution to military, LEO's and other organizations. Jack's also a very accomplished instructor in a traditional Japanese martial art called Budo Taijutsu. 

I've been training with Jack for going on two decades now... I'm also one of RGI's founding instructors, so we've hung out a lot together the past decade or so teaching police and others from all over Jersey and beyond. 

I stay in touch and get out to train with Jack as much as I can. 

A lot has changed in Jack's life since Covid, one of those changes is that he recently moved to Hawaii (half the year anyway) and is 'snow-birding' it between there and Jersey. 
(I know... Cry me a river will ya?!=) 

He's been an intense 'shaker and mover' all his life (and arguably still is)... but he's trying to relax more and take things as they come as he adjusts to many life changes that have happened the last couple years... 

He's attempting to be what he somewhat jokingly calls...

"More Aloha"

More Aloha is about the Hawaiian attitude of hanging loose... 

You know, be more relaxed, laid back. 

Having more of this Hawaiian attituded is hard for many of us (including Jack!).

I love his term!


Don't Confuse...

Being 'More Aloha' isn't being lazy or any less of a Protector or PeaceWalker...

Oh no, just the opposite! 

Being "More Aloha" is really not about being lax or vulnerable! 

It's about being flexible, resilient and a better Protector. A better PeaceWalker!


By being more open to change, being more of a peacemaker. 

By doing what you need to but not forcing things you can't change, but rather taking those things as they come and adapting as necessary. 

Change what you can, let go what you need to let go. 

Stop struggling with the conflict. 

Stop struggling with Life.

Big Things All Around Us...

There are some big things happening all around us now. Things that you'd better serve yourself and others around you to be a bit 'More Aloha' about.

No, no, no, this doesn't mean give up, give in or stop standing up for what's right... 

Just relax a bit. 

Loosen up...

Be a little 'More Aloha'.

You just may find that when you do you are able to be a Better Protector, a Better PeaceWalker.

Embracing this attitude can help de-escalate situations before they get out of hand to the point where physical intervention is necessary.

The More Aloha attitude can even be used during a physical altercation.



Simple really. Increase your skills to the point where you can be confident enough in your abilities to be more at ease. 

More at ease can equate into being More Aloha! 

It's simple really...

If more people were More Aloha, their would be much less conflict in the world!
Lead From the Front...

Being "More Aloha" doesn't mean not being a Bad A$$. As a matter of fact, some of the baddest mofos I know are "More Aloha" than most. 

It's hard to be More Aloha if you are afraid of everything, a control freak, or just a big Delta Bravo...

Of course you could try to be More Aloha by being naïve and clueless... but I'm sure that's not what Jack meant and it's not what I'm talking about here either!

Being More Aloha is about be having confidence in conflict and in life. It's about being relaxed because you know you can handle whatever life throws at you. Knowing that you can improvise, Adapt and Overcome!

It's about being fearless... 

Not having no fear, but literally Fearing-Less!

Feeling fear but moving forward despite it!

Doing what needs to be done w/o getting so worked up about it.

If you are looking to learn how to be More Aloha, look no further! 

Check out my Free Home Study Course here:

Keep going,


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