Holy cow!! What a fantastic weekend!! What weekend?! The last weekend of September and the first weekend of October!

We had our first annual PeaceWalker LIVE Camp and it was off the hook! 

We had about 30 people attend through out the three day weekend event. 

15 instructors did some fantastic breakout sessions too! 

As a matter of fact, this camp put the spotlight on our own PeaceWalker / Krav Community! 

I began by laying the groundwork on what is this PeaceWalker Path is and how it all ties in together. 

Then I handed several breakout sessions to our community member instructors. We also did some adventure challenges. A ropes course, trust fall and other team building activates. 

You can check out all the pics on our instagram page here:

Wait a Minute... All of Them?!

We had an impressive crew of participants and instructors: Accomplished martial artists, police, teachers, counselors, nurses, doctors, EMT's, professors, pastors, military...

All Protectors!

All PeaceWalkers!

I hope you made it! 

Regardless, plan on coming next years! 

Learn, Live, Leverage, Lead

Someone was wondering what the difference was between this camp and the Evolution Retreat that we had earlier this year.


Evolution is a certification course / retreat. You go to that to get the PeaceWalker Operating System Hardwired into you! It's a step by step course giving you the complete basic system to self defense, leadership and personal development.


PeaceWalker LIVE Conference is about connecting with the community and learning from one another (in a weekend camp). It is held outdoors (w/pavilions). Although I introduce the basic PeaceWalker framework it's not a course. This event is about community and sharing. We have breakout sessions, train, and do adventure team building challenges, then we cook out and have a grand ole' time!

It was a really cool experience! 

You have to get and stay connected to this PeaceWalker path in order to get the operating system for a safer, more powerful Life and the tools of sustainment to Keep Going!

It's a Lifestyle, not just a bunch of techniques!

More on this later...

I hope your Rocktober is off to a good start!!

Keep going,


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