A word that we heard as kids. A word we still hear, but haven't grown to like any better. 

For most adults, it's a just a word. In our instant gratification worlds patience is something we rarely really feel the full weight of, but it still has influence over us. 

A buddy of mine is in the process of losing 40 pounds he's doing it the right way. He's lost about 27 so far and has another 13 to go. He's shedding about 2 to 3 pounds per week, so that means he'll be at his diet for another couple months. 

It's a (relatively) slow, methodical, day in and day out process.  

It's a choice he makes every day, every meal, every snack. 

It's the same for folks who walk into my local Krav Maga Academy. Learning takes patience, because it takes time. 

You have to learn to enjoy the process, because it IS a process. 

The same holds true for learning anything. 


Just because time is passing doesn't mean you're improving.

Compare these two students:

Both have been training for 1 year, however one goes to class 3x per week, whereas the other only goes 1x per week and often misses at least one class per month. 

By the end of the year, the first student has gone to 156 ish classes (52 x 3). The second student has only gone to about 40 classes (1 x per week (52) - minus one class per month (12 ).

That's a HUGE difference!

We could also go into how much each student practices on their own, outside of class. 

Yes, yes, of course you have to cross reference this with natural aptitude or past experience for whatever the endeavor is.

But years put in, doesn't usually reflect skill. 

I've been 'playing' guitar since I was 13, but to say I've been playing for 40 years wouldn't be accurate. More to the point I probably worked at it for 8 years and spent the last 38 repeating those first eight.

My playing has drastically diminished over the years because I haven't been dedicated to it for decades. 

I see this in martial artists too. 

They say, "I've been training for 10 years."

In reality they have two years of training 5 times over! =)

Let's not even get into how martial arts training isn't always teaching you functional skills to protect yourself in the types of situations you would normally run into in an encounter.(That's a story for another day!) 

Protecting Yourself...

When it comes to protecting yourself. You've heard me say that you were already born a Protector...


It does take some time to be more clear, confident and more effective at it. 

You have to find an approach that resonates with you. Then stay the course and enjoy the journey!

It's easy to get distracted, discouraged or waylaid.

You have to be very mindful and deliberate about your training, especially if your training is ongoing. 


Have Patience and...

Keep Going! 

Is There a Shortcut!?

As I said, you have to have patience, however there is a faster way to get there. It deals with how and what you train.

I'm talking about a faster way to gain more confidence in conflict. To increase your ability to protect yourself. To become a better leader and live a better life.

These are the skills most people seek out when they want to learn self defense. 

It's not bad joining a martial arts class. As a matter of fact, I'd recommend it...


It takes most people several years of training a few times per week to develop the skills they were hoping for. 

And the fact of the matter is that most people simply don't stay the course. Most drop out because they lose interest before they gain the skills. 

They get discouraged, distracted. or life simply gets in the way. 

Other commitments and responsibilities take the front seat over training.

So, this is why I put together a program to get you where you want to go faster. 

It's my free home study course. Get it here:

Keep Going,


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