The Shock of a Surprise Attack

I was out in New Jersey when I heard that Israel was under surprise attack by Hamas, a terrorist organization controlling the Gaza Strip. Then to make matters worse Hezbollah, (the terrorist group largely controlling Lebanon), also staged an attack.  

These surprise attacks came at an especially vulnerable time, as the Israel celebrated Sukkot a seven days holiday that commemorates how the Jewish people were sheltered and protected on their long journey from Egypt to Israel — as well as celebrating the abundance of the annual harvest.

The casualties continue to mount and, I predict, will continue to over the next several days / weeks ahead. 

After hearing all of this, I immediately thought of my Israeli friends and collogues who live there. Some are in the army, or other protective services position (or their kids are), where others are (very) concerned citizens. 

Every one of them that I contacted so far is alive and well for the moment. 

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there. I Hope that they are able to do what's necessary to re-establish safety and peace. I fear that it's going to get uglier yet, before this is through... 

Surprise Attacks Don't Only Happen in War!

Being taken off your guard is not only devastating in war, it can happen in your own life as well. 

This could take the form of a...

Violent physical attack on your person...or one of your loved ones.

Getting hacked and having your data stolen from criminals who steal your money and identity (like what happened to all of those casinos in Las Vegas last week).

This 'Surprise Attack' could be your significant other saying they want a divorce (like what has happened to several of my friends recently).

...or unexpectedly getting laid off or fired from your job. 

Yes, these events I talk about may not be as impactful as a war, but they still can be devestating to your life and life of your loved ones. 

The Bottom Line Is...

Being taken off guard and finding yourself under attack when you are vulnerable and are least expecting it, is not only stressful, but can be critical to your Life and the lives of your loved ones. 

No, you can't be totally prepared for everything, sometimes you will be sacked and taken off guard by things you weren't anticipating. 

Of course, learn how to be prepared w/o becoming callous or paranoid... 

But also, have confidence in your resilience and your ability to improvise, adapt and overcome any situation life throws at you.

Have hope that people can change for the better, even if you have to 'do what's necessary' to protect yourself and others from them now and above all...

Have faith that even when bad things happen, God has your back in ways you may not be able to imagine yet.

Join Me in an Evolution... 
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Keep going,


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