That's What She Said!

I'm the one in the middle w/the big ole' cheesy smile between Ginger and Michael, Michigan Court Officers, Deputy Sheriff, Process Servers' Association board members. 

Late last year I was brought in by the Michigan Court Officers, Deputy Sheriff, Process Servers' Association to do some training with them at their conference held in Midland, MI.

Great group! 

We covered some really important concepts and tactics to help them not only be safer at their job, but to Live more powerfully (I know it may sound a bit corny... but it's true!).

The feedback has been great...

Ginger Z, one of the associations directors said:

"Thank you again sooooo much. The feedback was awesome! I will say... the overall consensus is they would love to see you again...

Might have to see about what it would take to set up a day long workshop with you."


Why do I often hear feedback like Ginger's?

I could say it's because I've been doing this a long time and it's not my first rodeo... 

But that's not it.

You could do something for a long time and still not get feedback like that.

I could say that it was the great content...

And I believe it IS good content...

But, I don't really think it's only that either. 

So, What Is It Then?!

The real secret to my sessions impacting people so deeply is because I am to transform people, not just give them information. 

It's in the formula.

Your training shouldn't just educate you. 

It shouldn't just change you either.

Really great training TRANSFORMS You! Even if just a little bit. 


Your defensive tactics, de-escalation, leadership training has to re-connect you with your true identity. Your Protector Identity!


It's not just for the good feelz son!

Oh nooooo no no no...

It's tactical too!

It all starts with your mindset.

If you don't have a good MINDSET, then it doesn't really matter what skills, tool or weapon you have you aren't going to be as effective. 

Not to mention you may simply make the situation worse because of your attitude (which btw is another element of Mindset.


ETHIC: Life is precious - You have to separate one's Life Value from behavior. Deal approaperately w/the behavior while simultaneously treating them with dignity and respect. (This used to be called professionalism... but it's more than that, it's something to live by!)

IDENTITY: We were ALL born Protectors. Just make sure we're protecting the right things! LIFE!

ATTITUDE: Calm, Cool, Collected (Baseline) - Use Conflict as an Opportunity.

Yep, you being dialed in with your CALL as a Protector of Life and living by the CODE that Life is Precious helps you to be more tactical, more effective at dealing with people and problems that arise. 

Not to mention, you don't want to be the cause of the problem or the gas on the fire!

It could save your Life (or someone else's!)

Here's the link to my 6A's of Safety Personal Protection Strategy. It's free! 

Scroll down to One Simple Defense, put in your email and click the button! 

Keep Going,


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