One Simple Idea

Jennifer Franson founder and executive director of iCI Nation - An organization that connects cops & community, building trust and relationships

One Simple Idea Can Change Everything! 

A Community...

A City...

A Nation...

The World...

But it all begins with changing a single Life...


A Vision that Changed a City

A couple days ago, I attended iCI Nation's Fundraising Gala.

It was an incredible event raising awareness and resources for a movement started by one of our own PeaceWalker community members, Jennifer Franson. 

It began with one simple idea of encouraging police officers in a time when they needed some community support. That sentiment grew into a full blown movement. 

Now several years later, Jenn heads up a 501-3c non-profit organization that 
connects police with community citizens and non-profit organizations who serve the community. 

You'd think that these folks would all get along...

But they don't!

That's where Jenn's big idea came in...

What started out as encouragement ended up reducing violence and crime, saving lives through connecting the PeaceWalker way! 

Hard to Define...

Jenn uses her PeaceWalker skills to pave the way for better relationships and trust between cops, community and non-profit resources, resulting in solving many problems before they turn into problems. 

It's much simpler to have metrics for reacting or responding to something:

~10 assailants arrested.
~6 car thieves apprehended. 
~5 drug dealers taken into custody.
~7 suicides stopped. 
~4 marriages end in divorce.

...You get the idea.

Think about it. It's hard to account for things that didn't happen because the problem didn't arise in the first place. 

So when you offer solutions that prevent things from happing vs. responding to things that happened, it's harder for many folks to get their heads around that. 

It's kinda like the difference between Eastern and Western medicine. 

Eastern medicine is great for prevention, but lacks in responding to disease once it's taken hold of someone. Whereas Western medicine is crap for prevention but is way better then Eastern medicine at treating a disease after someone is sick. 

It's not that one is right and the other wrong, they are just approaching the situation from opposite ends. 

Regardless, prevention is much harder to quantify...

However, that's what we PeaceWalkers are going for if we can! 

We're like Ninja's. Sometimes were undetectable to the undiscerned eye!

It's Like the Argument that Never Happened...

De-escalation is great, but Non-Escalation is Better! 

Learning what to do and say to lay the foundations of peace is better than having to use tactics to respond to a situation that is already underway. 

Now, this is not to say that you shouldn't have the skill and initiative to meet the conflict where ever it is when necessary. 

I'm just saying consciously knowing how to inspire peace is a skill that few have. But it is this skill that Jenn has woven into the foundation of her organization and it is a skill that you should have as well. 

It could change much more than your Life (although that's a good start!)...

Like Jenn, you could end up creating an entire movement!

Here's Where It Starts!

Check out my Free Conflict Communication Home Study Course: "Just Say This..."
Click the link below and scroll down to where it says, "Just Say This..." You'll see the access button.

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