Where to Stand, What to Say...

I received some more accolades from one of the court officers who attended my Integrated Response Training at the Midland Conference.

Hi Craig,

You did a great presentation for a limited time period.

It was good to see the class actually up and moving.

Fantastic message!

Thanks Again!

Southwest Legal Services & Deputy
St. Joseph County, Mi. 

One Important Lesson...

Remaining Baseline while interacting with someone who's all rev'd up, can not only be challenging, if you don't stay calm, cool and collected during the situation, it can be dangerous too.


Many reasons actually...

One is because you will be less likely to respond approaperately to warning signs of the person becoming violent. 

Another reason is that the more amped up you are, the less situationally aware you become. You get distracted. You may not see other things happening around you, such as other people approaching, a trip hazard or worse!

When you lose your composure, you start becoming part of the problem, often adding gasoline to the fire, 

Rather than chilling things out, it's easy to ramp things up instead if you lose your cool. 

Same Holds True at Home...

It's no different at home...

During the holidays, it's easy for some conversations, with some folks, to be stressed, or become heated. 

With so much going on in the world and many of your family, friends and people you work with have very different opinions...

Some of which you may not like. 

With the additional hustle and bustle of the holidays, It's easy to get into conversations that hurt feelings or end up crushing relationships. These conversations can cost you business or your job, if you say the wrong thing. 

You have to be careful to hold your baseline and have some verbal skills to be able to sail smoothly through the roughest of the social waters. 

A Quick Tactic & Some Unsolicited Advice...

Here's one of the tactics I shared with those court officers at the Midland Conference:


When you feel yourself losing your composure:

1) Relax, take a deep breath (or three), Stand (or sit) Up Straight.

2) Good Mental Dialog. Say to yourself things like, "You Got This!"

3) Put on your Game Face. *Look the part, if you need to appear as if you understand and are interested in what they have to say, then your face better reflect that too! Look however you need to in order to send the right message in the moment: Concerned, interested, stern, serious, light hearted, etc. whatever you need to look like to.

Here's the unsolicited advice...

Keep working on your communication skills!

Want more?!

Check out my 6A's of Safety Strategy for Personal Defense. It's a simple approach that can change your life, maybe even save it! 

It's free. Just click the link and scroll down, you'll see it: https://www.peacewalker.org/

Keep Going,


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