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Well, now that I have your attention...

Let's talk about getting some Inner Peace. You know, like the Peace part of PeaceWalker.

I had a marketing 'expert' once ask me why I call what I do being a PeaceWalker, when I taught people how to protect themselves. I explained to him that the goal is to develop the skills to cultivate peace inside of and around you. 

If you're not a peace, you continue to become the victim or the aggressor.

Most people misunderstand what a Warrior really is...

The warrior's goal should be to bring about peace. To protect. To serve. Yes, you must sometimes fight, but that isn't the goal. The goal of an enlightened warrior is to have the skills to bring peace to a violent conflict... 

Hopefully, when possible, prevent war from happening in the first place. 

Your journey in learning how to defend yourself (and others) is about developing the capacity to inspire Peace inside of and around you.

Stirring sh*t up and making war is easy. Having the clarity, skills and courage to bring about Peace... Now that's a trick!

It Begins w/You!

Don't become part of the problem...

Most people think of inner peace as a rare finding – one that only a certain breed of granola crunching / tree hugging gurus can attain. You know the ones who drink Kombucha (not that there's anything wrong with that), journal their feelings every day (nothing wrong w/that either) and spend weeks in silent meditation under a freezing cold waterfall somewhere in India. 

Well, that couldn’t be farther than the truth! Everyone can and should cultivate inner peace. 

Why Do Protectors Need Inner Peace? 

Simple, hurt people, hurt people. (Read and absorb that one a few times)

You think that healthy, well adjusted people go out and create all this havoc?! 

Well, let's be honest...


But even then, typically it's because they haven't handled their sh*t, they have a meltdown and all their hurt, anger, frustration, etc. spills over everyone else... Maybe you?!

Some would say we need inner peace on the planet more than ever. I'd agree. I would add good leadership as well. 

When we are busy, anxious, frustrated, or upset, we look for something that will keep us grounded. However, not all coping mechanisms are healthy.

Those who enjoy a sense of inner peace understand it cannot be faked or manufactured. It has to be cultivated in your everyday life. It becomes a habit, or it doesn't. And if you're on 'the path', even when you slip off it, you usually don't veer too far and it's easier to gain your balance back.


When you feel like you can truly manage your emotions and stress levels you are less reactive to most tomfoolery from the delta bravos out there. 

When you have some inner peace you find it easier to gain and maintain baseline during stressful times of conflict. 

Instead of reacting harshly or out of fear, it's easier to respond in a balanced way, trusting all will be well... You develop a "You Got This!" attitude.

Inner peace is a self-journey toward manifesting your own destiny and loving yourself just as you are, warts and all. Learning to be the eye of the storm. 

You can’t rush this process. It happens when it happens. You're either on the path or off it. In fact, you will never be able to have perfect peace all the time in every situation. However, you can harness this power by beginning to practice self-awareness and set the pace, lead from the front and become a role model for others to follow. You know, be the change you want to see in the world.  

There are many reasons you need to develop inner peace in your life: 

- So your baseline doesn't waver in the presence of troubles or difficult situations, 

- So that you can act and make decisions from a place of love, not fear.

(I train to protect myself so that I can be more peaceful, not more violent)

- It eliminates a lot of stress and helps you deal with stress more effectively when it does get through.

- It improves your overall focus.
- It facilitates self-awareness.
- It reduces negative, agitated thinking, and worry.
- It improves creativity.
- It reduces anxiety.
- It improves your relationships.

Inner peace is a lifestyle that can be chosen, and if more people adopted it as a practice, we would live in a much better world. Inner peace gives you the power to control your mind, it’s like a superpower! 

It may take time, patience, and effort, but that’s all part of the journey toward the steady mind, healthy balance, and a strong sense of self-awareness that comes along with inner peace. It’s more than worth the effort!

Want Some?! 

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