A Tangled Mess

My music choice of the day is the soundtrack from the movie, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."

As the new year draws ever so near, I think about those things that I always do... I'm already planning, scheming and strategizing about next year. 

You want to know one of the biggest things I'm contemplating?!


How to Simplify my approach to... well, everything!

I don't know about you, but my life is always going in a thousand directions. Just like those tangled Christmas lights... Before you know it one line turns into dozens and then those lines start getting crossed and knotted up. Before you know it it's a tangled mess. 

It's No Different...

Your approach to dealing with conflict, protecting yourself, and being successful in your world isn't any different. 

The best weapon in the world does you no good if you can't access it when you need it. Same holds true for pretty much anything now-a-days. 

It has to be simple. 

However, as you've heard me say a million times...

Simple isn't always easy!

Simple = Without complication

Easy = Without effort 

The key is to take your Simple and make it Easy! 

Most don't though. For many living in this day and age, life just keeps getting more and more complicated. Just like the difference between big and small government, if you don't watch out it turns into a huge untenable spaghetti monster ruling your life!

We have to learn how to dial things in. Prioritize. Eliminate. Hell yes, or hell no! 
Simplify, simplify, simplify!

Even Simple Gets Complicated...

Yup, you heard me, Simple w/o a system gets complicated.

Think of it like your computer desktop. You put one file on it no problem. But then, one turns into ten, then twenty, before you know it, that one file that you wanted access to is buried in a sea of other files, so you have to sift through each and every one to find what you're looking for. Then, to make matters worse, because of the knurly mess on your desktop, your computer operating system is running slow because it has to sift through each and every file looking for what you need. 

It's no different now-a-days with people being enamored with techniques and quick hacks rather than principles, good basics and strategy. 

If you know the formula you can adapt to figure out other problems. 

Being that conflict like Life is dynamic. If you want to master it you'll want to learn the simple formula and then be able to adapt that formula in the moment. 

I just read this quote in a friend of mine's new book, "Fight Like Hell"

"The better you become, the more you realize that t's impossible to prepare for every situation. At this level, adaptability and improvisation become your most valuable assets." 

~Ed Latimore

Now I'll point out what should be obvious, but Ed leaves out in his quote...

In order to effectively improvise and adapt, those skills have to come from the proper framework otherwise your 'solution' will be anything but. You'll end up in the giggliweeds or worse. 

Your Operating System!?

This is why your operating system, frameworks and formula's that you use to figure all of this conflict, survival and success stuff is so important. 

In simple terms...


If it's not, you won't use it! Period! 

And that's exactly why I teach the way I do. That's why I set up the entire PeaceWalker approach.

That's why if you want to feel that confidence of knowing you can handle yourself during conflict and violence in your life, you'll want a simple approach to complicated things....

It'll give you the advantage!

Like Occam's razor, look for simple.

A Simple Approach to Enjoying Life?!

Here's a simple approach to dealing with those difficult conversations: https://www.peacewalker.org/ 

It's a free home study course, but you'll have to scroll down a little after clicking that link. 

It'll give you free access to show you a Simple 5 Step Solution to resolving verbal disputes. Discover a better way of communicating at home, work or school when dealing difficult, disrespectful, even dangerous people.

Keep Going, ~Craig


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