Wrap Your Gift Before the Party


Wrap your gifts before the Party

When it comes to Personal Protection, Conflict Management and Leadership, we talk all the time about preparation. Getting ready for this and getting ready for that. We're always getting ready for something! 

It's better to be a warrior who gardens, than a gardener in a war. We know it's better to put our seatbelt on BEFORE the accident.

And now we are all getting ready for the holidays. 

So, you better wrap your gifts before the party starts or there's going to be a lot of disappointed people! Including yourself! 

It can be a lot of work for all of us, the decorations, the parties, social gatherings, cards, texts, posts, gifts, wrapping, cooking, running around all over God's green earth to visit friends and family. It's exhausting!

But just like your training, make it a joyful experience! 

There's a lot of preparation that goes into the holidays (more for some than others obviously!)...AND it's just that, PREPERATION! 

You have to have your ducks in a row BEFORE the kids come out Christmas morning to see what gifts Santa left them. 

Yes, yes, yes... 

Birthday's, Christmas, etc. are about so much more than all of this gift, party, and food stuff. 

We mustn't forget that.


Regardless of all of that, the preparation part of this equation remains.

Be prepared.   

This year can be your best year yet (BYY)!!

You can just hope to get lucky. But it's best to actually prepare to have the best year yet!

Choose your route, make your plans and get ready for the ride!

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